obama shhhhhhhhObama shut down an attempt by Cleta Mitchell to Find Missing IRS emails.  Mitchell even asked specifically about the storage facility in West Virginia.  Mitchell was representing True the Vote (TTV) in their lawsuit against the IRS.  TTV accused the IRS of discriminating against them because they are conservative.  They believed that the emails might contain evidence that would prove their case.  Eric Holder and the Department of Justice blocked that attempt claiming that Mitchell could not even talk about the storage facilities without sworn statements.  That wasn’t possible because the IRS employees were scared to go on the record.

We now know that the Obama administration knew the records were there.  They even shut down a request for someone to be sent to look for them.

Mitchell said:

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“We said in court that there are off-site servers where all IRS emails are stored.”

“The Department of Justice lawyers objected to that and said I shouldn’t even be allowed to mention these off-site servers without sworn affidavits.  They meant that I was trying to testify to the judge without bringing in witnesses with sworn affidavits.”

Mitchell requested that an independent forensic examiner go in and look for the emails but that request was denied.  Mitchell continued:

“I’m advised that the IRS maintains servers that are in different states in different locations and that IRS employees are advised that their emails are never lost.”

The court replied that was their understanding too.  Emails are never lost:

 “That’s what I’ve been told as far as my emails here.”

Mitchell elaborates:

“And I have had individuals who worked with, for the IRS from all across the country who have communicated that to me.  And they say — I hear from government employees, retired and active, who say what is being said is not possible. It is not plausible and it is contrary to what we are told as employees of the IRS.”

The Department of Injustice refused to comment.

It’s a slow trip but it’s going forward.

Courtesy of Red Statements.