Hey!! These guys are clinging to their guns and religion

Rep Tim Bishop (D) NY says that about 100 people have gone from the United States to Syria to join ISIS or as some call them ISIL.  Of those 100, 40 have come back.  But don’t be frightened.  Obama says it’s all under control.  The FBI has them under surveillance and they are no danger to the country.  Sure, many ISIS fighters return to their home country and commit crimes of terror, but they would never do that here.  We have Obama.

He respects them.  He condemns cartoons that leave them no other choice but to create a blood bath.  It’s not their fault.  And it’s not their religion’s fault.  Barry understands this.  He defends them.  He defends Islam.  Hell, he even arms them.  Why would they ever attack us.

When they do attack, Obama will be as surprised as Custer, whose last words were, “I can’t understand it.  They were fine at the dance last night.”  Obama will blame Bush.  The media will blame conservatives and Al Gore will blame global warming.  Maybe we could get Marie Harf to get them jobs and therefore neutralize their basic instinct.

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What kind of infrastructure would you have to have in place to watch forty people twenty four hours a day and 365 days a year, every year until they die?  Think about it.  For just one person you have 3 eight hour shifts in a day or 1095 eight hour shifts and you have 40 people, so it comes out to 43,800 eight hour shifts.  Assuming they get paid twenty dollars an hour, we are now talking a little over 7 million not counting cars, phones, hookers. (Oh, wait.  That was the Secret Service and the State Department under Hillary)

DHS says there is no credible evidence that they present a danger, but they do admit that there is a lot of chatter that they are looking at ways to enter the country through our southern border.  Yeah, that will be a big challenge.

But, weren’t we told that terrorists crossing the border where tens of thousands come through each month isn’t a terror threat?  But now they say it is?  And how about this from Matthew Olsen, director of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center:

“We remain mindful of the possibility that an ISIL-sympathizer—perhaps motivated by online propaganda—could conduct a limited, self-directed attack here at home with no warning.”

We have seen ISIL use a range of media to tout its military capabilities, executions of captured soldiers, and consecutive battlefield victories.  More recently, the group’s supporters have sustained this momentum on social media by encouraging attacks in the U.S. and against U.S. interests in retaliation for our airstrikes. ISIL has used this propaganda campaign to draw foreign fighters to the group, including many from Western countries.”

We were told just two weeks ago that Gitmo was the reason ISIS has been able to recruit so many new fighters but now it’s propaganda on the social media.  “No, Al.  It’s not global warming related.”  Oh, sheesh.

Courtesy of Red Statements.