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How can two names be so close to the same? We are not talking about the very names, but the ideology associated with both of these people. We do not call either of them men, as we have to question that because both avoid taking direct responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. It is a complicated idea that these two men have the same ideology, especially since one allegedly came from the United States and the other came from the Hitler days. Yes, we are talking about Barack Hussein Obama and George Soros. Obama came from one parent that was deep into the Communist ideology while George Soros actually worked for the Nazi regime for a brief period. Strange how those two ideologies come to be shown at this day and time.

Now just when did these two questionable people come together? A very good question and one that may open many eyes now, since both have come to show a despicable taste for Freedom and the United States as demonstrated by their actions and in some cases by their words. Let us first state that we did show a small part of George Soros in an article from way back in 2014.

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We covered but very small portions of what George Soros is and what he wants. He is associated with very questionable organizations of the like that seem to be born from Hollywood and are of fictional quality, but they are not, and we present a small portion of these below.

First, let us demonstrate one that almost was written from a Hollywood script, the “Shadow Party”!

“Here, the term ‘Shadow Party’ is used specifically to refer to the network of non-profit activist groups organized by George Soros and others to mobilize resources — money, get-out-the-vote drives, campaign advertising, and policy initiatives — to advance Democratic Party agendas, elect Democratic candidates, and guide the Democratic Party ever-further towards the left. The Shadow Party in this sense was conceived and organized principally by Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Harold Ickes. Its efforts are amplified by, and coordinated with, key government unions and the activist groups associated with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). The key organizers of these groups are veterans of the Sixties left. (For a list of some of the Shadow Party’s major players, click here.)”


Now we bet many are now asking just what this George Soros character and Obama have in common. Well, it does get very interesting from this point on, and we may end up with a string of articles on these two figures of ill willed people. But let us continue to show you through a variety of links, especially the ones from www.discoverthenetworks.com, where all one has to do is look around that site and see what is going on in our world and nation today. This site is one of the best for exposing corruption and all but the Progressives hate it due to the fact that it shows that Progressives are nothing more than a bunch of “Socialists/Communists/Marxists” changing their name to Progressives to hide their real ideology from the public.

“In December of 2006, Soros, who had previously hosted a fundraiser for Obama during the latter’s 2004 Senate campaign, met with Obama in Soros’s New York office. Just a few weeks later on January 16, 2007¯Obama announced that he would form a presidential exploratory committee and was contemplating a run for the White House. Within hours, Soros sent the senator a contribution of $2,100, the maximum amount allowable under campaign-finance laws. Later that week, the New York Daily News reported that Soros would support Obama rather than Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, though Soros pledged to back the New York senator were she to emerge as the nominee.1 But it was clear that Soros considered Obama to be the more electable candidate of the two. Most importantly, Obama’s economic and political prescriptions for America were wholly accordant with those of Soros.”


Here we are shown that George Soros had a direct connection to Obama and probably still does by this meeting with him during his run for a Senate seat. Remember the one that was given to him by the Communist Alice Palmer? Well this clearly shows what, for some strange and unforeseen reason, the Lame Stream Media just does not report—sorry, we forgot George Soros controls that too. Anyway, Obama met with George Soros, a man who has been shown had close ties to the Nazis during World War 2 and has an agenda aligned with Obama’s—or is that Obama has an agenda aligned with Soros’s?

This meeting with George Soros was planned very well, and it showed George Soros tossing his money behind Obama and not Hillary Clinton, whom he also supported. Now we see Hillary Clinton getting ready to make another bid for President and more than likely with the full support of George Soros, especially since she fits his ideology to a tee.

Once again, it seems that Obama does not wander too far from anyone with a Communist background or past. Low and behold, George Soros also has that in his background too. Yes, Obama’s puppet master came from a Communist family just like Obama and his faithfuls: Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Alice Palmer, Frank Marshal Davis, Anita Dunn, John Holdren, Carol Browner, and many more.

Let us go back to the site where we gathered this information and from there, one can trace these facts back as far as one wishes, since it would fill a book, kind of like the one I am now working on. One has to wonder if maybe Obama is that “Manchurian Candidate ” of whom a movie was made, with the exception that Obama is really destroying the United States that most people living here love so dearly.

If we look at just what is presented here, we can only draw to one conclusion unless we are blind to the truth, and that is that Soros bought and paid for Obama and still controls his actions.

Let us look at what George Soros and Obama like. Obama picked his friends carefully making sure they had Marxist ideas. This has been shown by us a number of times, including the only interview from anyone who ever sat with Obama to discuss the Marxist ideas Obama had.

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Once again, we see this in the post about Obama and Soros being of the same ideology or very close to it.

“Obama’s anti-capitalist background and views are well documented: His father was a communist; his mother was a communist sympathizer;2 in his youth he was mentored by the communist Frank Marshall Davis; he sought out Marxist friends and professors at Occidental College; he attended Socialist Scholars Conferences in New York; he was trained in the community-organizing methods of Saul Alinsky, a communist fellow traveler; he developed close ties to the pro-socialist community organization ACORN; he developed close personal and political ties to the infamous Marxists (and former domestic terrorists) Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn; he was hand-picked for his first political office by Alice Palmer, a pro-Soviet figure in Illinois; in the 1990s he became a member of the New Party, a socialist political coalition; he had close connections to the Midwest Academy, a radical training ground which author Stanley Kurtz has described as a “crypto-socialist organization”;3 and he spent twenty years attending the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who preaches the Marxist doctrines of liberation theology. As President, Obama appointed Carol Browner, a former “commissioner” of the Socialist International as his “environment czar”;4 he employed a White House communications director (Anita Dunn) who cited Mao Zedong as one of her “favorite political philosophers”;5 he appointed a “science czar,” John Holdren, who views capitalism as a system that is inherently destructive of the environment;6 he appointed Van Jones, a longtime revolutionary communist, as his “green jobs czar”;7 and he strongly favors the redistribution of wealth, both within the U.S. and across international borders. The list, of course, could go on and on.”


Yes, Obama and George Soros tend to have the same, if not very close, ideas, and they are not good for a FREE United States. We can only hope that during the 2016 elections, people do not get wrapped up into maybe having the First Woman President because if it turns out to be Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, they both are as bad, if not worse, than Obama.

But Obama has done just what he set out to do just, as he stated just 5 days before the election: “In just 5 days, we are going to fundamentally change the United States.” That was something people seemed to ignore, and now many are just waking up to the fact that Obama hates the United States and it shows in many ways. But it should have been expected of him had anyone been diligent enough to check his background anywhere near as closely as they are checking the backgrounds of Scott Walkers, Jeb Bush, or the other Republican Candidates.

“George Soros, too, harbors many negative views about capitalism and free markets. “The entire edifice of global financial markets has been erected on the false premise that markets can be left to their own devices,” says Soros. “We must find a new paradigm and rebuild from the ground up.”8

According to Soros, the capitalist “belief that everybody pursuing his self-interest will maximize the common interest … is a false idea.”9 Calling the global capitalist system “deeply flawed,” Soros maintains that “as long as capitalism remains triumphant, the pursuit of money overrides all other social considerations.”10 As Soros sees things, capitalism “is today a greater threat than any totalitarian ideology.”11 Lamenting that “the richest 1 percent of the world’s population receive as much as the poorest 57 percent,”12 Soros suggests that only by reining in “global capitalism” can that gap be narrowed. He further complains that global capitalism, by encouraging the free flow of money across international borders, reduces the vital “ability of the state to provide Social Security to its citizens.”13 “The globalization of financial markets has rendered the welfare state that came into existence after World War II obsolete,” Soros explains, “because the people who require a social safety net cannot leave the country, but the capital the welfare state used to tax can.”14

Soros’s proposed remedy for this problem is a worldwide war on poverty that would transform the entire planet into a global welfare state, a sort of open-society alliance where “a kind of international central bank” could redistribute wealth from rich populations to poor ones.15 Toward this end, Soros announced in September 2006 that he would donate $50 million to the United Nations Millennium Project, a massive redistributive scheme calling for the governments of wealthy countries to commit 0.7% of their GNP to promoting “the economic development and welfare of developing countries.”16 Heading this Project (from 2002-2006) was Jeffrey Sachs, the economist who had worked with Soros in Russia during the Bill Clinton administration. As evidenced by his participation in the Millennium Project,17 Sachs has radically altered his former pro-capitalist positions. Indeed, in recent times he has praised socialists as “both the heirs and the leaders of the world’s most important and most successful political path”; he has lauded their “strong commitment to universalist ethical principles and fiscal re-distribution”; and he has voiced regret that America’s lack of “commitment to re-distribution” has “enabled a massive underclass to develop.”18

Similarly, George Soros sees “the global capitalist system in its present form” as “a distortion of what ought to be a global open society.”19 He suggests that if the “market fundamentalism in America” were “eliminated,” then “the public interest would be better served” by way of “a more equal distribution of wealth.”20


The “Open Society”—Obama and Soros both know about that group, as both of them are or have been members. Just how much influence does Soros have on Obama? Let us show you what happened just a few days after Obama’s election.

“Just a few days after Barack Obama was elected President, George Soros stated: “I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets because they are not allowed by the constitution to run a deficit. For such a program to be successful, the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars. In addition, another infrastructure program is necessary. In total, the cost would be in the 300 to 600 billion-dollar range….”31

“Soon thereafter, as one of the first priorities of his presidency, Obama pressured Congress to pass a monumental $787 billion economic-stimulus bill whose text was 1,071 pages long and which few, if any, legislators read before voting. Obama stressed the urgency of passing this bill at the earliest possible moment, so as to forestall any further harm to the U.S. economy. Notably, the legislation repealed numerous essentials of the 1996 welfare-reform bill against which George Soros had so strongly rebelled.32 According to a Heritage Foundation report, 32 percent of the new stimulus bill—or an average of $6,700 in “new means-tested welfare spending” for every poor person in the U.S.—was earmarked for social-welfare programs.33 Such unprecedented levels of spending did not at all trouble Soros, who said: “At times of recession, running a budget deficit is highly desirable.”34 In December 2009, Obama concurred again—outlining a set of new multibillion-dollar stimulus and jobs proposals while explaining that America must continue to “spend our way out of this recession.”35

Yes, it seems that if Soros thinks it, Obama pushes it. No matter how much is shown, it can never all be shown without a long repertoire of instances showing these 2 people for what they really are: crooks, Socialists, Marxists, and most of all Anti-United States!

Now it is up to us, “WE THE PEOPLE,” to put a stop to this madness before our Liberty, our Freedom, our rights, our Constitution are stolen away from us by these thieves that came in the night and produced a Hollywood production during the day. Yes, “if “WE THE PEOPLE” remain senile to the facts, remain closed minded to questions, remain sincere to words, we will not have any of these wonderful joys of life to keep or pass on to our future generations. It is time now for “WE THE PEOPLE” to act, or we will lose all most do cherish dearly. Remember, question if you don’t know, ask if you can’t find the way, and most of all, don’t sit back and “Let George Do It.” George wants to destroy the United States, as does Obama.

Leon Puissegur is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran with 3 children and 9 grandchildren. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for 43 years. He is an award winning author and has been writing opinion pieces over the years and in just the last few years has written 4 books and a large amount of articles on many sites. You can purchase his books at Amazon. Pick up his latest The Oil Man.

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