As more and more officers across the country expose quota systems within their departments the mission of the American police officer is becoming quite clear; revenue generator.

As there is no money in solving murders or preventing rapes, police departments in America have focused their duties on traffic citations and the drug war. Both of these venues are highly profitable for departments.

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City and state governments have become so addicted to these revenue streams that we are now seeing full-on military raids on people in fruitless attempts to find drugs and money. Along with the drug raids, we are seeing police officers forced to collect a certain amount of revenue through traffic enforcement, or risk losing their jobs.

Over the weekend, 4 more state troopers from Tennessee exposed their department for enforcing a quota system. There would be many more according to the troopers, but their fellow cops are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. 

Last week, six cops in Whittier, CA filed a lawsuit against the city after they were retaliated against for refusing to act as revenue collectors by following ticket and arrest quotas. 

Last month, a former Bellefontaine Neighbors cop, ten-year veteran of the force, officer Joe St. Clair was ordered to carry out a policy that he says required cops to issue a certain number of traffic tickets, and even traffic arrests. If the cops failed to do it, they could be fired.

“I believe the chief put an illegal mandate on his officers. I think it’s unfair to the community,” St. Clair told KMOV.

Also, in November of last year. The Free Thought Project reported the story of police in Normal, IL. Several cops from the Normal police department sued the city claiming that the department’s policy forced them to make arrests without probable cause.

These are just a few of the many revenue collection schemes implemented in this “land of the free.”

Only when these department heads are caught in the act of implementing quotas do they deny their existence.

Earlier this month, a Free Thought Project leaked video showed a Newaygo County Sheriff’s deputy admitting that his department breaks federal and state laws.

This cop admitted, on camera, that he routinely breaks federal and state law. He wasn’t blowing the whistle either. He was proposing a grant allocation to the Board of Commissioners and using the fact that he enforces quotas as a sales pitch!

When local news departments caught wind of our story, they interviewed the sheriff, who predictably denied the existence of quotas and assured the public that the deputy in the video has faced proper disciplinary action.  However, if that deputy wasn’t immediately fired and arrested for breaking the law, then there was nothing “proper” about it.

The skewed reality here is that you can mandate that officers enforce illegal ticket quotas, and nothing happens to you. Only when officers refuse to take part in these illegal quota systems, do they become the ones who face any discipline.

In America, police can murder unarmed people while being videotaped and face little to no consequences. However, if they point out corruption within their departments, they not only face being fired, but their lives are threatened too.

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Mandating that officers issue citations and make arrests is nothing close to “protecting and serving.” In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Requiring a minimum number of citations forces conflict and potentially hostile interactions.

It truly forces police officers to create criminals out of otherwise innocent people in order to generate revenue, or they face losing their jobs.

Despite police departments across the country denying the existence of quota systems, the Free Though Project continues to expose them. 

If you are a police officer or know one who wants to expose department corruption, send us an email at [email protected] Shining light on the darkness is the only way to prevent this corrupt leviathan from reaching unstoppable proportions.

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project.