Hillary admits deleting 32,000 emails but they were all personal.  She says we have to trust her.  After all, has she lied to us before?  Did any of the “personal” emails contain messages like, “Let the terrorists in.  I never liked Chris anyway”?  We’ll never know because she refuses to allow even an impartial third party to look at them.  I don’t blame her. After all she could end up playing pass the soap-on-a-rope with Elijah Cummings after the IRS probe is finished.

Think about it for one moment.  Why would she delete personal emails?  After handing over the emails from her time as Secretary of State, wouldn’t it make more sense to delete those and save your personal emails?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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And why shouldn’t we trust her?  Just because she fired the travel office and tried to justify it by siccing the FBI on an innocent man?  Just because the success of her cattle future trading netted her $100k  from a $1k investment.  MIT ran the numbers and determined that a person is more likely to win the Powerball three times than to make 100 times your money in one year of cattle futures.  Or do you still hold Vince Foster’s death against her? Or Hillarycare?  Maybe it’s the way she brutally tried to destroy every woman Bill sexually abused?  Ot the way she lied about Libya preparing to kill citizens en masse in order to get the US to give air cover for Al Qaeda?  Maybe the way she allowed terrorists to murder Chris Stevens or any one of hundreds of other ethically or legally indefensible actions?

Yesterday’s press conference doesn’t inspire confidence in her honesty.  She claims she only had one device and it was more convenient to use it for handling both her personal and her professional email.  She said looking back she should have used two devices.  The problem is she does have two devices.  She carries an iPhone and a BlackBerry.  She also said that she used the account to communicate with Bill.  The problem is Bill has sent 2 emails in his entire life and neither was to Hillary.

Hillary likes to point out that she willfully handed over her emails.  That too is a lie.  She didn’t turn them over until the State Dept insisted due to subpoenas requesting them. Secondly, she claims that she has requested all of her emails be turned over to the public. The truth is she says that about the emails she turned over.  If you have nothing to hide, why would you refuse to let a third party examine her servers?  Because there is something to hide.

After 8 years of Obama does anyone really want 4 years of Shrillery?


Courtesy of Red Statements.