“Best day Ferguson has had in years”

2 ferguson pd officers shotSome supporters of demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri reacted to the shooting of two police officers by justifying or even celebrating the incident.

Two cops were seriously injured when shots were fired during a rally outside the Ferguson Police Department just after midnight following the announcement that Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson planned to resign.

“These police officers were standing there, and they were shot–just because they were police officers,” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told reporters.

In video footage which captures the moments before and after the shooting, one protester is heard to say, “Acknowledgement nine months ago would have kept that from happening,” a reference to the death of Michael Brown.

Further justification of the shooting emerged on Twitter, with some even expressing their satisfaction that the officers were targeted.

One woman even suggested that the Ferguson Police Department shot their own officers in order to blame protesters.

Journalist Rania Khalek tried to make the case that protesters were the target of the shooting, despite there being a significant distance between demonstrators and police.  

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As we have exhaustively documented, the riots in Ferguson and the targeting of police officers only serves to discredit opposition to the genuine problem of police brutality.

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