Hillary’s ride to 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue just got bumpier.  A judge on Friday ordered the State Department to turn over passenger manifests to Citizens United as a result of a FOIA request that State had ignored.  The quick ruling appears to show that judges patience for stonewalling by the Obama administration has reached it’s limit and they no longer feel like giving them the benefit of a doubt.  Those manifests could bury Hillary 2016 before it even starts.

There seems to be a connection between donors to the Clinton Foundation and contracts from foreign countries receiving favorable treatment from the State Department.  Sixty companies contributed $26 million to the foundation.  Forty four of those companies also contributed to a 3.2 billion dollar fund for the Clinton Global Initiative, which is a wing of the foundation.  At least twenty five companies made contributions to fifteen private/public partnerships set up by Clinton and guess who administered them?  The State Department.

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So,is it unusual for CEOs to travel with the head of the State Department?  Not usually. But the question that needs to be answered is how often these CEOs or representatives of these companies traveled with Hillary and did the countries giving these companies contracts receive anything from Clinton?  We know that Hillary gave Haiti 3.1 billion from the Foundation for earthquake relief.  After that Hillary’s brother got a gold mining permit from Haiti.  How common are these permits?  Before Tony Rodham got his, the last permit was issued over fifty years before.

Wal-Mart Chief Executive Mike Duke flew with Hillary to South America, where he contributed 12 million to various Clinton projects.  One month later, Hillary flew to India and tried to get them to agree to drop their ban on big box retailers which of course would benefit Walmart to the tune of billions.  The population of India is 1.252 billion people.

What may be even more interesting is that Hillary was largely unsuccessful in trying to aid her donors but failed in most cases and in the few successful cases, companies like Exxon and Chevron lost their shirts.

Still, you can go to prison for an unsuccessful attempt to rob a bank.

Courtesy of Red Statements.