Not even Leonardo da Vinci could have written uniformly spaced, straight-line text on the curved surface of the inside of a boat

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's confession

According to the Associated Press, “Jurors see bloody ‘confession’ Dzhokhar Tsarnaev etched on boat” (10 March 2015), the accused Boston bomber used a pencil to write out an explanation for his actions on the inside of a fiberglass boat in the dark. But no ordinary pencil would do: it would have had to have been a special pencil. Does anyone think Dzhokhar just happened to have one?

Images for writing on fiberglass

This exemplifies the absurdity of the phony trial taking place in Boston to cover up the phony “bombing”: not only would it have required a special pencil, but the confession is written in straight lines, which are uniformly spaced, which would be impossible for someone lying on their side and using the curved surface of a boat as their template!  Here is a video of his capture on the boat:

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Etching, by the way, involves a process of using acid to cut into a metal surface to create a design in relief. It cannot be done on a fiberglass surface with an ordinary pencil. Who in their right mind would think that a young man in fear of his life would take a pencil and compose such a thoughtful and detailed account of his exploits with his brother? Think about it. We are supposed to believe the following half-dozen propositions, which explain his acts with a series of sentences that are not merely improbable but simply impossible, especially from the point of view of three-dimensional geometry:

(a) he was in a state of agitation being tracked by police;

(b) he was inside a boat, which has curved surfaces;

(c) using a special pencil and writing in the dark;

(d) he calmly wrote out an elaborate confession;

(e) which consisted of smooth, straight lines;

(f) which were likewise uniformly spaced.

And someone had the presence of mind to climb back into that boat and study its surfaces to discover this manuscript “etched” inside the boat after capturing the target of a massive police manhunt, which had invoked the use of military force to perform police functions in violation of the Posse Comitatus Statute of 1878 (which precludes the use of the military to perform police functions), and the lock-down of a major American city in the pursuit of a single 19-year-old college student (who provably had nothing to do with the fake bombing)! The absurdity of this scenario is palpable.

Not even Leonardo could have done it

Among his many talents, the magnificent Leonardo da Vince was noted for writing backwards, where what he had written could only be read using a mirror. Let us compare a sample of Leonardo’s writing with the “confession” that the authorities alleged was found on the inside of a boat, where Dzhokhar purportedly had used a pencil to “etch” it on the inside of the boat:

Dzhokhar in a boat : Leonardo backwards in mirror

Bear in mind that Leonardo was writing on a hard, flat surface, while Dzhokhar was purportedly writing on the curved surface of the inside of a boat–lying down and writing with a pencil! This is about as absurd as it gets, because it would have been impossible for him to have produced the script that has been adduced on the three-dimensional geometry of the boat.

It does not require the intellect of Sherlock Holmes to recognize that this has to be a photoshopped image, where a two-dimensional simulation of his writing on a flat surface was projected to create the impression of having been written on the three-dimensional surface of a curved boat. They had to fake it; otherwise, they could not create the impression of guilt:

Here is a summary of the situation we are in from “Truth vs. NEW$”, a home-spun, community oriented television show that is produced in Seattle. There is much more, of course, which can be found in the article, “Boston Show Trial: Attorney declares patsy ‘Guilty!”, which I have previously published here at VT. And, in that article, I embedded an update of the evidence.

Proof that Dzhokhar “didn’t do it”!

Even though Dzhokhar’s attorney, Judy Clarke, has pled him “Innocent”, her opening statement assertion that “He did it!” obviated that defense and facilitates the state in convicting him of a crime that he did not commit by conceding his guilt. I have previously observed that she thereby violated the Rules of Conduct for the Massachusetts Bar, which I have contacted to complain that Clarke has violated MASSBAR Rule 8.4 (c) for engaging in  conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation and Rule 8.4 (d) for behavior that is prejudicial to the administration of justice:

Letter to Office of the Bar Counsel

The video to which I refer, of course, demonstrates that this was a drill, where no one was killed and the actual perps (who placed the bombs) were Craft International personnel. We have police on bullhorns calling out, “This is a drill! This is a drill!” We have tweets from the Boston Globe that state a “controlled explosion” will be set off during the marathon for the benefit of bomb squad activities and another that states it will be set off opposite the library in “one minute” and, one minute later, it explodes:

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We also have a complete absence of blood after the explosion, which Lorraine Day, M.D., who was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital for 25 years, explaines would have been impossible, had these been the real victims of a real bombing. And Nathan Folks, a Hollywood producer/director, has identified one of the key players as an actor he had cast in one of his own films and that what was going on was “hyper-realistic filming”, where scenes are created to look as realistic as possible.

The despicable Judy Clarke

I was so convinced that Dozhkahr’s attorney, Judy Clarke, would be eager to enlist me that I called her office and volunteered myself and Nathan as “expert witnesses” to demonstrate that her client, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was innocent. (Another would be Lorraine Day.) She has to know that he did not commit the crime of which he stands accused, which has led me to the anguishing realization that she is part of a fake trial to cover-up a fake terrorist attack. No one with an IQ greater than a turnip can possibly believe the official account, of which the authorities themselves are aware. 

Judy Clarke

I have now taken a look at the Rules of Professional Conduct for the Practice of Law in California, where it is obvious on its face that she has violated several of its conditions. Those include two clauses of Rule 5-200, Trial Conduct, which specifies “a member (A) Shall employ, for the purpose of maintaining the causes confided to the member such means only as are consistent with truth” and “(B) Shall not seek to mislead the judge, judicial officer, or jury by an artifice or false statement of fact or law”, which she grossly violated by falsely asserting to the Judge and jury, “He did it!” 

Rule 5-200 Trial Conduct

Judith Clare Clarke
Judy Clare Clarke

In addition, she has also violated Rule 5-220, Suppression of Evidence, which stipulates, “A member shall not suppress any evidence that the member of the member’s client has a legal obligation to reveal or to produce”. That would include video of the police with bullhorns announcing, “This is a drill! This is a drill!”, the tweets from the Boston Globe announcing that a “controlled explosion” will be set off during the marathon for the benefit of bomb squad activities, and the other evidence of which she must be aware that I have presented in my “Boston Bombing Update”!

Rule 5-220 Suppression of Evidence

These are not the only problems with the Boston bombing scenario. Search the scene of the alleged victims and count them. There may be 20 persons there. But according to the news reports, three were killed and 260 were injured! So where are those other 240 bodies? The government (at local, state and federal level) has become so addicted to lying to the public that we no longer have any reason to believe in them, our judicial system or attorneys such as Judy Clarke, who betray their clients and the rules of their profession. The situation is as disgusting as it gets. Had I any lingering belief in the United States of America, it has been obliterated! This is not a nation worthy of respect.

Courtesy of Veterans Today.

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