The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations is investigating the Obama administration for providing funds to OneVoice Movement, (OVM) who in turn gave the money to V-15 an anti- Netanyahu group.  OVM is made up of former Obama campaign workers.  V-15 is also made up of top Obama campaign officials.  The source who spoke to Fox News on condition that they remain anonymous said that the Obama administration has been accused of working with various anti-Netanyahu groups in Israel.

Earlier this month, Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu because he lied and said it was too close to the election and neither he nor any top officials could meet with him.  That’s very curious since Obama dispatched both Biden and Kerry to meet with Netanyahu’s opponent.  (I’m not naming the opponent on purpose)  Aren’t they both being voted for on the same day?

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Sources familiar with the investigation say that the investigation is very much bipartisan with Claire McCaskill, ranking member on the committee, teaming up with Chairman Rob Portman in looking into why the State Department gave grants to OVM, while also trying to find out if other departments made similar grants.

This investigation could prove to be very problematic for Obama unless a major official falls on their sword for him.  That’s because Holder or Lynch cannot provide cover for him. It’s against international law for one country to interfere in the elections of another and that case would be heard in The Hague, in the World Court.  A conviction there would mean an almost automatic impeachment preceding that even most of the most liberal democrats would dare not try to stop.

The grant in question was for $350,000 for undisclosed purposes.  The investigation has been going on for some time now but was kept secret until now.  I fear Netanyahu will lose the election and Israel will lose its life.

Courtesy of Red Statements.