Noted veteran journalist Ed Klein is revealing the results of his recent investigation.  Klein is fresh of his Number 1 best seller “Blood Feud” that chronicles the feud between Obama and the Clintons.  The ironic thing is that both Bill and Hillary worked hard on Obama’s reelection with the understanding he would back her in 2016.  They have learned what America already knew.  Obama cannot be trusted.  Apparently, Obama is so serious about it that he has had his top adviser, Valerie Jarrett working almost full time, finding fault with Clinton’s time at the State Department.

Klein says that the White House leaked Hillary’s email story to the New York Times.  Klein was unable to find out if Jarrett was directly responsible for that leak.  He also noted that Jarrett has been having secret meetings with Elizabeth Warren and Martin O’Malley, two democrats who have expressed a desire to run for the democratic nomination for president.  Klein claims that Obama is pressing for a hardcore leftist to continue his policies and to save his legacy.

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The six inquiries Jarrett is allegedly running cover “the disbursement of funds, her contact with foreign leaders, her possible collusion with the Clinton Foundation — and of course, first and foremost — her use of emails and her expense account.”

Currently, Clinton is looking very beatable by a republican but Warren and O’Malley are far behind in all the polls.  O’Malley has the added disadvantage of being a huge tax spender.  His tax increases were so egregious that a republican was able to win his seat vacated through term limits in the extremely blue state of Maryland.

Says Klein:

“This administration, the Obama administration, will do virtually anything to prevent Hillary from becoming president.”

Courtesy of Red Statements.