Relax, everyone.  Iran is no longer a threat and neither is Syria, Lebanon, Hamas or Hezbollah.  Obama released his new report for 2015 and none of those  are terrorists or terrorist supporters anymore.  Hallelujah, Barry has saved us.  No.  Wait.  They are still committing terror.  Let’s face it, Obama is so desperate to get Iran to sign something, anything, that he would even give them some of our nukes to get them to sign.  I’ll bet he’d even give the Ayatollah a Monica.

Last year, there were so many threats from the Iranians that they got their own entire subsection:

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“Iran and Hizballah – Outside of the Syrian theater, Iran and Lebanese Hizballah continue to directly threaten the interests of US allies. Hizballah has increased its global terrorist activity in recent years to a level that we have not seen since the 1990s.”

From the Daily Caller:

Non-government experts say Iran has funded and directed many terror attacks, including hundreds of attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq, on Jews in Israel and even a huge bomb against a Jewish site in Argentina.

During 2014, Iran and Hezbollah stepped up their roles in the Syrian and Iraqi wars, where they’re fighting the Syria-based Sunni jihad groups.

How many times must Obama’s political interests trump America’s economy and safety before people begin pushing back?  Will the media ever wake up?  And how about the democratic party and democratic politicians?  They have all taken major hits because of the Obama agenda.  Will they once again take major hits in 2016?  Why?  Obama will be gone anyway and someone wishing to be president will need to run away from the Obama agenda or they will be unelectable.

Obama has accused the republicans of wanting war because they object to Iran becoming a nuclear power.  So what is this Muslim goat jockey really saying?  The best way to have peace is to give these terrorists a nuclear bomb?  Even low information voters should be able to see through this.  Half of all Americans killed in the region were killed by Iranians and their minions.

Look how safe the world has become under Obama.  There is no longer any such thing as Islamic extremists and Iran is no longer a threat.  And cod liver oil tastes delicious.

Courtesy of Red Statements.