funding al qaeda

A half a billion in US weaponry has fallen into the hands of Islamic extremists in Yemen since the fall of that country’s government.  The amount could be considerably higher as the Pentagon and the CIA have covert operations in the country.  The number could go much much higher.  This is becoming a habit under Obama.  In Libya, we had a blockade set up but “somehow” ships got through the greatest Navy on earth and Islamic extremists got themselves half a billion (A coincidence?) dollars worth of weapons.

Those weapons were used in Benghazi, where this administration removed all the security just before the attack.  The bad guys got even more weapons meant to go to radical Muslim extremists in Syria.  Those weapons went with them to Algeria where they were used in a terror attack there.

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Then, while Benjamin Netanyahu was here and Obama was unable to meet him, Obama took a little trip to visit the Emir of Qatar.  The Emir is a big time sponsor of terrorism, supporting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.  They also sponsor this little group in Syria called the Nusra Front.  Coincidentally, Obama had sent entire warehouses of weapons to an insurgency group called Harakat Hazm.  At about the same time as Obama’s visit to the Emir, Harakat Hazm decided to disband and hand over the warehouses full of US munitions to the Nusra Front.

Showboating: The terrorists are seen wearing military fatigues as they pose with deadly American-made BGM-71 TOW missiles in a warehouse in Atarib, a town 15 miles west of the city of AleppoTaunting: The American food and weapon supplies are now in the hands of Al Qaeda-backed terrorists, who used social media to goad the U.S. military

Vast: The supplies were seized when the Western-backed moderate rebel group Harakat Hazm recently disbanded and allowed their headquarters to be overrun with jihadisExtremists: Nusra Front militants (pictured) announced they are considering splitting with Al Qaeda in order to create an antonymous terror organisation that can rival the Islamic State's reign of terror in Syria and Iraq

The Nusra Front has now decided to leave their affiliation with Al Qaeda behind and they intend to become competition for ISIS since they now outgun them.

I’m no military man but I’m not the dumbest person in the world (Mostly because I have a younger sister) but it seems to me if I wanted to provide weapons to a weak government, I would take precautions to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.  But hey, that’s just me.

And we are to believe that all of these weapon seizures are coincidences.  Frankly, I have my doubts.

Courtesy of Red Statements.