Laurence Tribe, a liberal Harvard law professor, in fact, he was one of Obama’s law professors, claims that Obama and his EPA is “burning the constitution”.  Tribe explains the limitations that the constitution allows to the EPA:

“EPA possesses only the authority granted to it by Congress.  Its gambit here raises serious questions under the separation of powers… because EPA is attempting to exercise lawmaking power that belongs to Congress and judicial power that belongs to the federal courts.”

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“Burning the Constitution should not become part of our national energy policy.”

Tribe made these statements as he testified before the congress on the EPA’s illegal plan to limit carbon dioxide.  The hearing was on the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” that not only would raise energy prices through the roof but could also lead to a large number of deaths. The last two years extremely bitter cold has made it’s way all the way across America. During that time, our power grids  have been strained to their limits.  This has resulted in brownouts.  By reducing energy into the power grid, those brownouts become blackouts and especially in rural America can lead to death and or frost bite.

Tribe also testified:

“EPA is attempting an unconstitutional trifecta: usurping the prerogatives of the States, Congress and the Federal Courts all at once.”

“The [EPA’s rule] demonstrates the risk of allowing an unaccountable administrative agency to ‘make’ law and attempt to impose the burden of global climate change on an unlucky and unfortunate few,” wrote Tribe, who is on retainer for the coal company Peabody Energy. “EPA’s singling out of a mere handful of emitters and limiting (or curtailing) their property is exactly the type of overreaching the Fifth Amendment seeks to prevent.”

The EPA rules will cut power production by 19% .  A combination of states are suing the EPA for usurpation of their sovereignty.

Courtesy of Red Statements.