Actor pointed out Kenyan heritage of President

Libs Label Sheen "Racist" For Anti-Obama Twitter Rant

Liberals labeled Charlie Sheen “racist” for pointing out Barack Obama’s Kenyan heritage in a tweet by the actor which criticized the President for not attending soldiers’ funerals.

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Sheen slammed Obama for spending time on NCAA bracket picks while failing to attend the funerals of dead U.S. soldiers.

Leftist outlet the Daily Beast reacted by accusing Sheen of going on a “racist Obama rant,” while Innumerable Twitter users also repeated the charge.

Sheen’s tweet can certainly be accused of being incoherent, but those shrieking “racism” have failed to point out what’s actually racist about it.

It’s a fact that Obama has Kenyan heritage and that he was once known as Barry Soetoro. One doesn’t have to entertain the myriad of “birther” conspiracy theories to acknowledge the truth behind those two facets of Obama’s history.

When he attended an elite Indonesian public school in Menteng, Obama was known as “Barry” or “Barry Soetoro” by his classmates. Soetoro is the surname of Obama’s stepfather.

Obama’s biological father, Barack Obama, Sr., was born in Kenya, a factor that has led some “birthers” to claim that Obama was also born in Kenya. The President himself joked about this just this past weekend, saying, “If I did not love America, I wouldn’t have moved here from Kenya.”

Sheen may have been disrespectful when referring to Obama as “Barry Satera Kenya,” but the immediate leap to denounce him as “racist” is typical of the left’s obsession with demonizing dissent by characterizing any criticism of Obama as racism.

Last month, Sheen announced that he was a “constitutional Republican” and was considering running for president one day.

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