U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen of Brownsville

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen has issued a warning to the Department of Justice that they could face sanctions for committing perjury in his court.  Judge Hanen is the one who placed an injunction on Obama’s amnesty plan.  To say the least, he is not amused by the way DOJ lawyers mislead him.  In his court, lawyers for Obama and the DOJ told the court that Obama had no plans to implement any part of his amnesty programs before the court reached it’s decision.  Like all things Obama, that was a lie.  During the time in question, Obama gave temporary amnesty to 108,000 illegal aliens along with Social Security cards.

This is a very serious breach as far as the judge is concerned because as he said in court, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle after you let him out.  The judge had already found that the states had standing for the case to be heard because of the high cost of supplying illegal aliens with all types of benefits that only American citizens are entitled to.

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DOJ lawyers tried to make the case that Obama has the power to grant these illegal aliens amnesty using his power of enforcement.  The judge ruled that Obama does indeed have the power of enforcement and could refuse to deport criminal illegal aliens.  He, however, said that Obama does not have the right to grant illegal aliens benefits such as work permits and Social Security cards, huge tax refunds or SS benefits without an act of congress.

Judge Hanen may have given everyone a clue on how he intends to rule by the derision he aimed at DOJ lawyer,  Kathleen Hartnett, who mislead him during a hearing in January. Hartnett apologized for the “misunderstanding” and claimed that the 198,000 illegals were given amnesty through the original Dreamer Act, which is not subject to the injunction.  Hanen didn’t seem to buy that convoluted explanation.  It’s like two men on an elevator.  If one of the men farts, everyone knows who did it.

Judge Hanen will render his decision soon and in my estimation, at least some sanctions will be invoked.

Courtesy of Red Statements.