During a working session of the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Jeff Sessions proposed an amendment, which would prevent illegal aliens from receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)  and child credit.  It was a concept democrats weren’t willing to bend on. Democrats are totally fearless of the voters, who they see as all mentally challenged and easily led by the elites like they were leading a puppy.

In the last year with complete records, 2010, the amount of fraudulent payments hit 4.2 billion dollars and all tax credits combined cost about 7.6 billion last year.

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Democrats who voted against the amendment were:  Bernie Sanders, Debbie Stabenow,  Sens. Patty Murray, Ron Wyden, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, Mark Warner, Tammy Baldwin, Tim Kaine and Angus King.

Bernie Sanders (socialist – VT) said that we need to address this issue only in a comprehensive immigration bill.  Of course, even if the republicans would put it in such a bill, no democrat, the party that despises God and America, would vote for it.  The IRS claims they can’t do anything unless they get more money.  Might I suggest they quit spending so much in holding down conservative groups, stop the massive IRS bonuses and cut out the costly conventions and idiotic videos?  That would free up a few bucks.

Debbie Stabenow, who is one of many democratic women with IQs in single digits said she doesn’t believe illegal aliens are collecting federal benefits even though the idea came from the Treasury Inspector General who stated unequivocally that illegals are collecting benefits was right in front of her.

The amendment failed with unanimous support of the republicans on the committee.

Don’t you wish that just once the democrats would be on America’s side?

Courtesy of Red Statements.