It appears that Ted Cruz plans to announce a run for president on Monday, when he speaks at Liberty University.  Cruz’s people are telling the news media they should attend the speech as big news will be announced.  The timing seems to be well planned as Rand Paul is expected to announce his run on April 7th.  This would give Cruz a bit of a head start.  Other candidates who are likely to run have set up exploratory committees but have not made the big announcement yet.

Aides to the Texas Republican senator are being tightlipped and refuse to confirm or deny that Cruz is preparing to announce his candidacy.  Cruz spoke at the Christian university, located in Lynchburg, Va last April.  That day he spoke on religious freedom.  Religious freedom has been under attack ever since Obama has been in the White House.  His party actually booed God twice at their national nominating convention.

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Ted Cruz is a Tea party favorite and is also popular for being willing to stand and fight even as republican leadership lies down and rolls over playing dead.

“For a nation that was founded by pilgrims fleeing religious oppression, how, through the looking glass, have we gone that the federal government is now litigating against our citizens trying to force us to violate our faith?”

Run, Ted, Run.

Courtesy of Red Statements.