The featured headline at Drudge for the last couple of days has been:

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This headline provides a link to a March 21st article titled,

~Khamenei calls ‘Death to America’ as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal~

~Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei called for “Death to America” on Saturday, a day after President Barack Obama appealed to Iran to seize a “historic opportunity” for a nuclear deal and a better future, and as US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed substantial progress toward an accord.
Khamenei told a crowd in Tehran that Iran would not capitulate to Western demands. When the crowd started shouting, “Death to America,” the ayatollah responded: “Of course yes, death to America, because America is the original source of this pressure.~

And yet as Secretary of State John Kerry hails “progress” on the Obama administration’s nuke deal with our enemies who have sworn death to our nation, you might want to keep in mind this is the same Secretary of State who made the previous claim in February of 2014 that:

 “Climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.’’

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But much of the left-wing media’s frenetic reporting during these past several days hasn’t been focused on America’s president colluding with our enemies towards aiding Iran in achieving their eventual goal of acquiring nuclear weapons capability, but rather seems to have centered primarily on our ally Israel’s recent elections and their subsequent criticism (with an almost psychopathic outrage) at the overwhelming re-election of Obama’s political nemesis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out in the following excerpt from a transcript of his March 19th radio program:

~RUSH:  Okay.  So try this in the New York Times.  I got a whole Stack of this stuff, and I told you, I warned everybody back on March the 3rd, 16 days ago, I predicted it, I warned everyone. It wasn’t hard to do. Many people could have made the prediction.  Few did.  And you’ll hear it coming up.  But try this.  This is the New York Times: “Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory appears to have dashed any hopes that President Obama might have had for a way out of his tumultuous and often bitter relationship with the leader.” 

Are you kidding me?  So we are being told here in the New York Times that a foreign leader of an allied nation winning his own election justifies disrespect from the president of the United States.  That Benjamin Netanyahu winning is an act of insolence against our Dear Leader.  The next thing you know Obama’s gonna be suggesting mandatory voting.  Wait.  He did.  You didn’t know that?  He did in Cleveland.  Mandatory voting. 

I’ve got stories like this all over the place.  “Obama to Punish Jews at United Nations for Reelecting Netanyahu.”  That is from Foreign Policy.  The Weekly Standard:  “White House: Bibi’s Election Undermines ‘Democratic Ideals.'” That is what they’re telling the media at the White House, that Netanyahu winning a free and open election in his own country undermines democratic ideals. 

Folks, I’m telling you, we’re on the precipice I think of real danger here.  These next two years, there are no impediments, there’s nothing stopping him.  This stuff is really, really scary.  This is the stuff that Saturday Night Live skits are made of, except this is as real as anything.  We have the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, actually now planning on going to the United Nations to undermine our ally, Israel, in favor of our enemy, Iran, and I would dare say our other enemies, Hamas and Hezbollah.~

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zingNever mind either I guess that Obama had even invested millions of our tax dollars to fund Netanyahu’s opponent, Isaac Herzog in a subversive effort to actively influence Israel’s elections. Never mind Obama couldn’t bring himself to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu when he was here earlier in March to give his personal address to Congress due to the fact Obama didn’t want to give the impression that he was trying to influence an upcoming foreign election.

Are your temples throbbing yet?

Between that and first lady Michelle Obama having recently celebrated an Iranian holiday in the PEOPLE’S White House, we have this March 19th headline at Weasel Zippers:

As Relations With Israel Plummet To New Low, Obama Cuts Video To Iranian People Praising Ayatollah Khamenei…

(Remember, this is the same Ayatollah Khamenei vowing death to America)

Now lets hop into the WayBack Machine to revisit this moment during a 2008 CNN interview with then-presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama making the following campaign promise in relation to his position on Iran…

But what’s just one more broken campaign promise among a veritable landfill of broken campaign promises made by this chronic pathological liar? Obama has contradicted and made a liar out of himself so many times since then on a scale we’ve never seen before that it’s really quite astounding. I mean just trying to wrap your mind around everything this double-dealing extortionist has been permitted to brazenly get away with during these past 6 long, entropically abysmal years and it’s almost enough to give you an explosive aneurysm trying to absorb so much infuriating information.

pingDuring that time Obama has made numerous concessions that can’t be seen as anything but overt acts specifically intended to aid radical Islamists. How could they not be construed as anything but when you examine the details?

Why can’t Obama bring himself to call radical Islam, radical Islam? Why would Obama support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and grant key cabinet positions to members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his administration and retain them even after they were removed from power in Egypt and subsequently designated as a radical Islamic terrorist organization?

Why would Obama lift a ban prohibiting all Middle Eastern refugees who had engaged in any terrorist activity to where now, those who had engaged in only ‘limited terrorist activity’ are allowed entry into our country?

 Why would Obama waive a federal law meant to specifically prohibit providing weapons to known terrorist groups in the aftermath of his Benghazi scandal? A scandal which centered around the murders of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans at the hands of Islamic terrorists during what many believe to have been an illegal gun running operation out of Libya directed on to Syrian rebels with links to al-Qaeda without Congressional approval.

Why would the Obama administration call the Ft. Hood massacre an act of “workplace violence”, when there’s so much overwhelming evidence to the contrary that clearly indicate this was in fact an act of Islamic extremism carried out by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, inspired by radical Islam.

Why are Christians and Catholics now designated as “religious extremists” by the Pentagon for the first time in our nation’s history under this particular president who is fond of claiming how Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance?  Even going so far as to declare how many terrible deeds had been done in the name of Christ during this years National Prayer Breakfast back in February. A president who has remarked that Islam is woven in the fabric of our nation’s history ever since its founding, while Obama has enacted from the onset of his presidency an unprecedented AND premeditated legislated persecution meant to target and subvert the aggregate Christian faith of millions of American’s.

Untitled drawing (48)Why would Obama swap 5 high value Islamic radical terrorist detainees held at Gitmo for 1 measly Army deserter and likely enemy sympathizer in what has been described as an illegal prisoner exchange?

Why, why why. Much of what I’ve listed here I’ve mentioned before in previous articles I’ve written, but given these escalating circumstances we’re facing today, can they really be repeated too often?

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If you oppose Obama you’re a racist. This hearkens back to Israel’s elections and the Obama administration being “deeply concerned” with the ‘racist’ campaign rhetoric they claim Netanyahu used against Arabs. That eye widening sensation of disgust and disbelief you may have experienced reading that last sentence given all of the hypocrisy it suggests, I experienced too when I first heard this. The idea of the most racially divisive president in our country’s history having the nerve to literally point his finger at anyone else is stunning, but nonetheless true. Naturally however, any hypocrisy attributed to this accusation against Netanyahu would be dismissed by Obama since he would perceive it as counterintuitive to his own distorted version of the truth as it applies to these bizarro laws which govern this warped Obama realityscape our nation has descended into.

But here’s Rush again in another excerpt from his March 19th radio program transcript, giving us his take on this shameless political attack by Obama against the duly elected leader of our closest ally in the Middle East.

~RUSH: Josh Earnest at the White House press briefing this afternoon, a question from an unidentified sycophant reporter: “I know during the gaggle yesterday,” Josh old buddy, “you sort of volunteered a reaction to some of those remarks, and I’m curious why you decided to do that.”  He’s being asked about his comments about Netanyahu’s victory and how it worsens American-Israeli relations.

EARNEST:  That cynical Election Day tactic was a pretty transparent effort to marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens and their right to participate in their democracy, and Israel rightly prides itself on a vibrant democracy.  But one of the core values of a vibrant democracy is ensuring that everybody has an opportunity to participate.  And those comments and those tactics certainly do not reflect a commitment to those values.

RUSH:  What the hell here?  What tactics?  Let us once again review what happened.  The Israeli election is taking place.  The polling data all shows that it’s nip and tuck and in fact Netanyahu might even lose.  We find out that the Obama administration has sent campaign operatives and money to Israel to defeat the incumbent Netanyahu.  And then we discover a couple of days before the election that an effort is being made by the Obama campaign team in Israel to turn out in greater numbers than usual the Arab-Israeli population or vote. 

They started it!  They are the ones that targeted Israeli Arabs.  They are the ones that targeted money at them, who knows what kind of walking-around money is being tossed out over there, and trying to get them to the polls and have their turnout be a greater percentage than normal.  So the Netanyahu camp found out about this, and they said, “Well, we have to respond.  We have to react.  We have to come up with something that will counter this if they succeed.” 

So Netanyahu makes mention of the fact that his opponent is attempting to gin up turnout in the Arab population.  And that is what they’re calling racist, when they started it. Obama’s campaign operatives over there targeted the Arab-Israeli vote. Then Netanyahu’s team came along and accused the Obama team of doing just that, which was designed to increase Bibi’s base and turnout, which it did and Netanyahu wins in what turns out was never a close election anyway.  It was a landslide, and Obama was on the losing side.  And so now these reprobates — this is really beneath dignity, to come along here and accuse Israel of engaging in racial politics, when the Obama operatives started the whole ball rolling.”~

ringAnd so here we are. With a sitting president who (even as he devises further acts of political jihad against Israel) appears hell bent towards aiding America and Israel’s mutual enemy, Iran, realize their ambitions towards eventually gaining nuclear weapons capability. I wonder if that has anything to do with why Iran and Hezbollah have since been surreptitiously removed from the governments terrorist list? In the recent coverage I’ve seen swimming in the mainstream about this currently unfolding chapter of Obama drama, not surprisingly little if anything is mentioned about Obama’s closest friend and senior White House Vizier, Valerie Jarrett and her personal ties to Iran. An obscured detail, until you take into account that Iran is Jarrett’s home country. Couple that then with the sordid history she shares with Obama following the onset of his political career in the living room of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and you’d think at least 1 or 2 Republican lawmakers eyebrows would be raised with some semblance of suspicion by this, but apparently not, given that Republican lawmakers appear content to just stand on the sidelines of history and allow this black despot to continue furthering his plundering, pillaging and raping of our country, rule of law and way of life.

In an excerpt from a February 24th, 2014 article at titled,  ‘Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Heinrich Himmler, has her sights on American Patriots and her finger on the trigger’, Jarrett is reported to have made the following infamous statement:

(Tea Party) – During a White House briefing in 2012, prior to the elections, Valerie Jarrett (’s “person of the day”) and President Obama’s most trusted Advisor said:

“After WE win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time.  Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.  Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.”  

The article goes on shedding further light into details and points of interest concerning Jarrett’s history:

Valerie Jarrett, is a liberal extremist who like the President, has never been vetted. She has ties to many communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. These facts alone should have disqualified her from any political office never mind the fact that she operates as the de-facto President of the United States.

Ms Jarrett is a Chicago lawyer born in Shiraz, Iran, to American parents, James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. She spent the first five years of her life in Iran before her family moved to London, then Chicago. Both of her parents were admitted communist sympathizers.

Her father was a physician and her mother was the founder of a Chicago based graduate school, known as the Erikson Institute. A prominent board member for the Erikson Institute was Chicago businessman and “liberal” activist Tom Ayers; father of Weather Underground terrorist leader and long time Barack Obama friend and colleague Bill Ayers.

 Edward Klein, former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor of the New York Times Magazine for many years, describes Jarrett as “ground zero in the Obama operation, the first couple’s friend and consigliere.” She travels with the president on vacations and has her own secret service detail. She sits in on National Security Council meetings, meetings on the economy, budget and foreign policy. She decides who talks to the president, and advises the president about how to decide policy. A New York Times article quotes Obama saying; ” I completely trusts Jarrett “to speak for me, particularly when we’re dealing with delicate issues.”

The New York Times also reports: Valerie Jarrett privately meets with Muslim and Arab-American advocates in the White House, to discuss policies, and briefs them on health care legislation, foreign policy, the economy, immigration and national security. According to Richard Miniter, author of: ”Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him,“ A source in the U.S. Military Joint Special Operations Command said,  Obama listened to Jarrett for four months, dithering and deciding no the first three times the military told him that the time to get bin Laden was now.

So, who is Valerie Jarrett? She is a corrupt Chicago lawyer who is the ventriloquist to President of the United States. Her warnings to the so called  ”Presidents enemies” were directed at the Tea Party and conservative groups. Her malevolence is in full throttle now, and she is enacting her revenge on anyone who chose to exercise their first amendment rights and disagree with this tyrant.~

So as this current controversy swirls about the Obama administration’s nuke deal with Iran, lets go back to a November 24th, 2013 article at under the heading, ‘Now AP Is Reporting that the Obama Administration Held Secret Direct Talks with Iran for the Past Year’, where it was reported that Valerie Jarrett had been supposedly involved in ‘secret talks’ with Iran for up to a year at that point when this information was revealed:

On the heels of an Israeli television report last week that President Barack Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has been holding secret talks with Iran, the Associated Press reported Sunday after a nuclear deal had been struck that the U.S. and Iran indeed engaged in secret face-to-face talks over the past year that were personally approved by Obama.

The talks were “kept hidden even from America’s closest friends, including its negotiating partners and Israel” until just two months ago, according to the AP.

“President Barack Obama personally authorized the talks as part of his effort – promised in his first inaugural address – to reach out to a country the State Department designates as the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism,” the AP reported.

Untitled drawing (97)The past 6 years of Obama’s duplicitous, subversive “fundamental transformation” has been nothing but an endless spectacle of not only unparalleled, abject government dysfunction and breakdown, but of Obama’s own relentless AND purposeful treachery as well. The fact that we have no lawmaker in Washington with the needed courage to step up in defense of our nation’s laws they like to remind us that Obama has either violated or broken and call this spade a spade, doesn’t make Obama’s actions any less treacherous. OR treasonous. And through the transitive properties of reasoning, those lawmakers by their own willful inaction are themselves just as guilty as this barratrous, criminally negligent derelict in the White House.

 The American people are demanding justice for this colossal breach and violation of the public trust, but this hive of autocratic elitists in our nation’s Capital ignore us. Democrat. Republican. It doesn’t matter anymore. Like I’ve said before and I’ll say it here again: They’re all just different wolves running in the same pack, and the scattered herds of the American people are their prey. Even the low-info rank and file of the Democratic Parties Useful Idiot militia who prowl about doing their masters bidding as witless advocates to their own debasement. Those idiots won’t be exempt either in the end.

 There is no “historical significance” for our country having elected its 1st black president. The reality to this morbid burlesque is that there never truly was. Not when everything surrounding it has all been crafted on a foundation of intentional lies, deception and premeditated treason. A malignant deceiver who, in sodality with his fellow Democrats, has exerted the sort of wanton destructive influence and appalling results you would expect more from radical Islamic extremists than you would from a sitting president and political Party of the United States.

blingThe evidence is obvious and irrefutable. Even if opposition to these enemy insurgents is not. There’s plenty of hand wringing to go around as millions fret over how much more damage Obama is going to be allowed to do during his last 2 years in office. The senselessness of the American people being made to entertain such worries and anxieties because lawmakers refuse to defend and uphold our own laws is unforgivable.

In a sane world, the next 2 years would see wall-to-wall hearings and trials being broadcast live on C-SPAN for every corrupt politician, federal judge, government agent, political crony, and Stalinist left-wing media member comprising the ranks of this seditious cabal who have knowingly supported, colluded with and aided this disgrace. Treason on trial.

Once all of the required procedural judicial criteria has been met, defenses given, after they’ve all been indicted and summarily prosecuted, then sentence them all to death for their crimes against the United States and the American people and hang every one of these worthless sonsabitches!

Starting with Barack Hussein Obama.