“You’re stirring up conflict – go home!”

Ready for your white tears

‘Black Lives Matter’ agitators ran into resistance from diners and restaurant staff during their weekly ‘Black Brunch’ demonstration.

Over the past few months, ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters around the country have sought to draw attention to the shooting death of Michael Brown and other individuals killed by police by interrupting predominantly white people eating brunch and spending time with their families.

Last week we reported on how white diners in one restaurant were compelled to join in by raising their fists in support of Mike Brown.

However, yesterday’s ‘Black Brunch’ event in Atlanta was notable for several instances of diners and restaurant staff making their opposition to the protesters known.

One clip shows a man accusing the demonstrators of “stirring up conflict” before telling them to “go home”.

Another video shows a woman who appears to be a manager at a diner tell the protesters, “We are trying to conduct business”.

“Restaurant managers at Leon’s Full Service and Sweet Melissa’s were not pleased with the disturbance and called police when the protesters refused to leave,” reports CBS 46.

Protesters also attempted to shame a staff member who asked them to leave.

The demonstrators also insulted a mother who reacted by immediately leaving with her children.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, ‘Black Brunch’ protesters were forcibly ejected by owners and customers, who responded with chants about white lives and blue lives mattering too.

Numerous other tweets from individuals involved in the ‘Black Brunch’ protest expressed hostility towards white people, with one woman remarking that she was, “Ready for your white tears”.

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According to one protester, the movement is about “interrupting white spaces”.

Others weren’t so convinced.

Another person suggested that the most appropriate reaction would be for the diners to start singling the Star Spangled Banner.

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