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As the State Department continues to writhe and wriggle in an effort to squirm away from having to incriminate Hillary Clinton in any wrong doing, everyone else is still talking about Hillary’s email scandal. At Fox News, the conservative icon Charles Krauthammer went so far as to compare her to President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, saying that it’s obvious that Clinton did “burn the tapes.”

Charles Krauthammer: This is really an elaborate scheme, very obvious, not done for convenience, but done to conceal, and that’s what this is all about. George is right, she burned the tapes. And obviously, as her defender James Carville said, you don’t want Louie Gohmert, meaning a Republican member of Congress, going through her emails. That’s the point. Not convenience. It was to prevent the Republicans or really the government, the Freedom of Information Act, the public from looking at her emails, which is required by State Department regulation, a departing official, I’ll read you, must ensure that all record material that they possess is incorporated in the department’s official files. And if you don’t, if you willfully remove or destroy the records, the penalty can be fines, imprisonment, or both.

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Bret Baier: But Charles, when you hear them say this equivalence of Collin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, we can’t find their signed OF-109s either, what do you say?

Charles Krauthammer: It’s not the OF-109. It’s the entire scheme that she did to remove the files, to burn the files essentially, and it wasn’t her job to decide what’s private or not. Once you leave the government, it is clear that the regulations are that the department archivists are the ones who decide what is government and what is not, and she decided and then acted to destroy the files.


It’s not just conservatives at Fox News who smell a rat here either, folks. Earlier on Wednesday, respected Washington journalist and frequent MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin had this to say about the entire Hillary email debacle.

“And a lot of reporters suspect they (the State Department) are still trying to protect their former secretary.”


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