How is that possible?  Obama promised us he was using all available resources to arrest and deport illegals who commit crimes. That’s why he couldn’t be bothered to deport any run of the mill law breaking illegals.  Obama is not the kind of guy to tell a lie when 2 lies work better.

Judicial Watch, after a protracted legal battle was able to finally get what is supposed to be public information from the Obama cabal.  Once a court finally ordered it’s release it was a real eye opener.  The report’s 76 pages lists 165,900 illegals who were released despite the fact that they committed crimes which include homicide, rape, kidnapping and aggravated assault.  These are the illegals liberals tell us will save a country that is no longer exceptional?  These illegals will definitely vote democrat because conservatives would make them inmates whereas liberals make them repeat offenders.

A current example of this happened in North Carolina, where an illegal alien killed four people including a former contestant from America’s Top Model.  In 2012, he was arrested for drug possession and he was a known gang member.  He was to be deported.  Then Barry Obama rides in and saves him from deportation.  That gave him the opportunity to murder four people in cold blood.  Where do the victims go for justice?  I wish some smart conservative lawyer would start signing up these type of victims to file a class action suit against Obama and the US government for depraved indifference.

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House Homeland Security Subcommittee Counsel Valerie Baldwin wrote a letter to ICE asking why they were stonewalling investigators by refusing to release public documents:

“At the ICE hearing and throughout the data call on ICE’s budget request, we’ve requested data on the make-up of the non-detained ATD [Alternatives to Detention] docket, specifically as it relates to violent crimes.  I’m wondering why the Washington Times and Washington Post have more information on the ATD population than the Chairman and the other members of the subcommittee.”

Good question, but don’t expect an answer.

Courtesy of Red Statements.