Harry Reid - Caricature

The inspector general of Homeland Security could have saved himself a lot of time and could have been more thorough if only they would read my columns.  This is not bragging on my abilities, it’s just that I’m not owned by liberal America and their willing co-conspirators in the press.  For the past few months, the Inspector General of Homeland Security has been investigating the politics behind the EB-5 visa program.  He has identified three projects in which democratic heavy hitters aided by Alejandro Mayorkas used the EB-5 program as a private piggy bank.  There are actually four.

The first example I wrote about on April 6th, 2013.  It involved an electric car company by the name of MyCar, which was the result of a partnership between longtime scam artist, Terry McAuliffe (Global Crossing, IBEW land scam, illegal contingency fees, etc etc) and Anthony Rodham, brother to Hillary for whom she bought a gold mine in Haiti using other people’s money.  Their car company manufactured exactly one car, which was used for exhibition purposes.  The company took in millions from shady Chinese investors. Though they lost their entire investment, none complained because they weren’t buying a share of MyCar, they were buying visas.

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The second case involves Harry Reid aiding his top campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson who makes his money from Las Vegas casinos.  Adelson was looking for much needed capital, so he turned to the man he has given millions to, Harry Reid.  Reid, working with Mayorkas approved EB-5 visas and Adelson got his money and the Chinese got their visas to live in the US forever.  Reid and Mayorkas were working so closely together, that Mayorkas had one of his aides give Reid’s office updates weekly on the progress.

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The third case involved business deals in Los Angeles that I don’t have the details to but will make them available as they are released.

Now, for the fourth one that’s not mentioned, that also involves Harry Reid and his son Rory.  You may remember the story without knowing that it had anything to do with EB-5 visas.  That is what was behind the invasion of the Bundy ranch.  You see, Reid’s son Cory represented the ENN Energy Group, which wanted to build a solar plant in Southern Nevada and they were planning on financing a lot of it with investors through the EB-5 program, which gives visas to foreign investors who sink half a million or more into a business within the United States.

People who tried to discredit my reporting pointed out that the Bundy Ranch was over 100 miles away from the location where the plant was to be built.  But what they didn’t understand is that you just can’t build a large wind farm or solar farm anywhere you wish. That is because you have to have a mitigation area, where wild animals can forage for food and have an ample water supply.  Tonapah is also located nearby.  Tonapah is another clean energy company, run by Ronald Pelosi, Nancy’s brother in law.  That’s why the BLM dismantled Bundy’s water lines and watering holes.  Reid failed to get the Bundy land and the EEN company pulled out of the deal. The other part of the story is 93 acres needed to complete the mitigation area is owned by Reid Bunkerville L.L.C.   But the EB-5 visas are still good.

After these four incidents, Obama rewarded Mayorkas by promoting him to the number two position just below Jeh Johnson.  So why did the IG even decide to investigate?  A large number of whistle blowers came forward with information that many of the Chinese who were given EB-5 visas had been turned down because they posed national security risks.  I guess Obama decided it was better if it looked like the government was leading the investigation, which they will close once the heat is off.

And Harry Reid goes rolling merrily along.

Courtesy of Red Statements.