Many of you remember back when George W Bush (GWB) alleged that Saddam Hussein was trying to restart his uranium enrichment program.  It was said that he was trying to obtain yellowcake (powdered uranium) from Niger.  To this day, people continue to say Bush lied. I liken that to the “hands up…Don’t shoot” narrative.  that has been thoroughly debunked. That narrative is still used today even by members of the Black Caucus in Congress. The lie works so well, why would we ever want to tell the truth?

Joe Wilson was sent to Niger in 2002 to find out the truth.  He was recommended for the mission by his CIA agent wife.  Wilson claims the Bush story was a lie but subsequent investigations and sworn testimony by CIA officials proved that to be a lie.  He later tried to do damage control by saying that he didn’t consider his wife’s letter to higher ups to be a recommendation.  When Wilson returned, he filed a report saying that a letter supposedly used as evidence was a fake.  The investigation proved that although it wasn’t the original copy, it was a forgery of the original copy.

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Wilson also said that the dates and places on the CIA report were wrong and therefore could not possibly be real.  But guess what?  Wilson never saw the CIA file and it wasn’t available to his wife, Valerie Plame, therefore, he had no way of coming to that conclusion other than by lying.  That fact is indisputable since the CIA didn’t even have the documents until 8 months after Wilson’s trip.

The turning point in the congressional investigation, which passed the report on a bipartisan basis was when British intelligence supplied the committee with intelligence documents that did indeed prove that Saddam was trying to and actually did purchase yellowcake.  The US had removed all of the yellowcake Saddam had bought before in the first Gulf War.  Yet, during the second Gulf War, US forces found 550 metric tons of yellowcake.  (There are 2205 American pounds in a metric ton)

It was later said that the Bush Administration had “outed” Valerie Plame as a CIA agent in order to exact revenge on Wilson.  She claimed that she was covert (hidden) and therefore it was illegal to name her as an agent.  However, Plame worked out of CIA Headquarters for years in Quantico, Va.  Therefore even the local homeless wino could have determined that she was CIA just by watching her drive into the CIA parking lot over 1,000 times.  Did I happen to mention that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame are both liberals?

There were other WMDs found in Iraq during the second Gulf war, including missiles and drums full of chemicals.

But how many people today still believe Bush lied and never even heard of the Senate report that was passed unanimously by both parties on the committee?  “hands up…Don’t shoot.”

Courtesy of Red Statements.