I am not making this up and the story does not come from the Onion or Before Its News. A black New York councilwoman, Democrat Laurie Cumbo, is upset because she says blocs of Asians are moving into the Fort Greene housing project.  The complex is currently mostly black.  That’s funny because that’s exactly what the democrats said when blacks started moving into their neighborhoods.  Cumbo’s answer to the problem is exactly the same as what the democrats came up with back in the day.

Cumbo suggests that it’s a good idea to segregate the Asians.  Find a housing complex you can turn over to them and keep them away from us, she says.  Many found her statement to be out of line, while others tried to make excuses for her racism.  (Slavery maybe?)

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“How is it that one specific ethnic group has had the opportunity to move into a development in large numbers?”

“There could be some benefit to housing people by culture.  I think it needs to be discussed.”

Fellow councilwoman  Margaret Chin, who is an Asian American said:

“She certainly could’ve chosen her words a bit more carefully,”

Cumbo represents NYC’s 35th district which covers parts of Brooklyn such as Fort Greene and Prospect Park.  The racial make up of her district guarantees her a seat for life…..unless too many Asians move in.  That could be her motivation but I’m not certain considering how racist her statement was.  Cumbo graduated from all black Spelman College and that may help shape her world view or perhaps because it’s in her liberal genes.

I imagine Al Sharpton is scurrying over to her house where he will be holding a vigil and passing the collection plate.

Courtesy of Red Statements.