The Indiana Pizzeria that was victimized by a local TV station has been able to raise over 150k for their legal defense.  Before the TV station visited the pizzeria, there had been no complaints of denial of service and let’s face it, what couple gay or straight want pizza for their wedding?  But ABC in South Bend, Indiana targeted the pizzeria because the owners were Christian.  Alyssa Marino, who could never be mistaken for a journalist, was pleased when the owner of the pizzeria agreed to speak with her on camera about the new law.

Crystal O’Connor, owner of Memories Pizza, told Marino:

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“If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no.”

Marino was happier than a pig in shit.  Oh, wait.  That’s what she really is, so I guess she was just as happy and not happier.  Pardon me.  Anyway, the pig Marino wrote the story and the headline read, RFRA: Michiana business wouldn’t cater a gay wedding.” 

The pig Marino made a federal case of a hypothetical that is as likely to happen as it is for Obama to start loving America.  It just ain’t never going to happen.  O’Connor had also told the pig Marino that she would never deny service to gays or those from a different religion but the pig  Marino put that into the very end of the segment after she made her headline.  She also claimed that she didn’t target O’Connor’s restaurant.  She claims she walked in randomly.  What a crock.  The pizzeria is over twenty miles from her station. They have no pizza there?

O’Connor gets the last laugh though.  Even though she had to close her restaurant at least temporarily and she and her family are getting numerous death threats, the Go Fund Me campaign proves that she has plenty of support, too.  The page was set up by Billy Jones III who works as an investigative reporter for Dana Loesch.

Hopefully she will defeat liberal apartheid and be able to reopen her pizzeria.

Courtesy of Red Statements.

Editor’s Note: Various sources are reporting that the total has now balooned to as much as $500,000. Steven’s article was first published yesterday at Red Statements.