A federal judge in California has ruled that the state of California must provide a sex operation costing one hundred thousand dollars, for a convicted murderer serving life.  This is a first for California.  Only one other time did the state have to pay the bill for a sex change operation.  The man in question had castrated himself, so the operation was medically necessary.  This is the first case where it is based on the mental health of an inmate.

This could catch on.  Although future sex change inmates will make sure they commit crimes with much shorter sentences.  Clobber a cop and get a genital chop.  California could end up with the most popular prisons in America.  Greyhound will run a special for tourists looking to change more than their name.  Sooner or later, the state will realize that it’s cheaper to run their own clinic, rather than hire out.  That is until they remember how incompetent they are as the clinic bleeds money. California could raise the money they needed by making driveways into toll roads.

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U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco, an Obama appointee, came to the absurd conclusion that denying him a sex operation would be unconstitutional.  You know.  “Life, Liberty and the right to have your wee wee whacked.”  I know we have the right to bear arms but do we also have the right to pare nut farms?  When will the people of California stand up and say, “No more!!” instead of just moving to Texas?

Right to be a woman:  U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco ruled that denying sex reassignment surgery to  Michelle-Lael Norsworthy, 51,  pictured last year, violates her constitutional rights

Michelle is the future woman’s name. He/she has been in prison for the past 28 years after his conviction on charges of murder in the second degree.  Also interesting is that Norsworthy has postponed his parole hearing twice.  That’s because if he is paroled, he wouldn’t be eligible for the surgery.  Paroling him to avoid the surgery would be risky because he could kill again.

Well, “Boys will be girls.”

Courtesy of Red Statements.