On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen denied Obama’s appeal of the injunction on his amnesty swindle.  The administration had argued that the delay in implementing the illegal amnesty program was harming  “the interests of the public and of third parties who will be deprived of significant law enforcement and humanitarian benefits of prompt implementation” Personally, I feel no harm at all.  Perhaps they were talking about bruising the ego of a maniacal madmen hellbent on destroying America?

The judge also said that the Obama administration had misled (Legal term meaning lying through their teeth) the court by granting work permits to over 108,000 illegal aliens after telling the judge no such action would be taken.  At first the Obama administration said (misled…see above description) the work permits handed out were part of the original DACA ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) amnesty program, but later it was discovered that those 108k illegal aliens were given 3 year work permits.  DACA awarded two year work permits.  So evidently the administration was once again misleading (lying through their teeth) the judge and the American people.

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Judge Hanen refused to lift the injunction on several grounds.  First of all, he considers the actions by Obama to be unconstitutional, thereby illegal.  Obama claims that he was forced to take action because congress had not bowed and kissed his feet and ring.  That’s like a rapist saying that he was forced into raping the woman because she had refused to give it to him herself.  Truth be told, there is no desire of the majority of representatives in congress to issue what would amount to blanket amnesty, not only for the 11 million illegals in the country now but the millions who would rush our border the moment such a bill would be signed.  And the voters are overwhelmingly against it, which would force some liberals to deny amnesty even if they truly want it.

The injunction still stands and Obama is unable to hand out anymore work permits and will probably have to take back the three year work permits and replace them with two year permits.  Obama still has an appeal that will be heard on April 17th before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the most conservative court in America.  From there it would need to go to the Supreme Court.  Depending on when the appeals court renders it’s decision, assuming they turn Obama down, it would in all likelihood be too late for review by the Supreme Court this year.

Obama could request that the court lift the injunction while he is waiting to have the case heard, but like Hanen, SCOTUS would deem it not to be prudent since the 26 states that filed the original suit could suffer irreparable damage from Obama’s amnesty program. Especially if they expect the suit by the states to prevail when the case is heard.  If that is the case, no decision would be rendered until June of 2016.

Obama would consider that a disaster.

Courtesy of Red Statements.