File this under “Too Stupid to Comprehend.”  It has come to people’s attention that the SSA has been awarding disability to residents living in Puerto Rico who don’t speak English.  Didn’t anyone tell them that Puerto Rico is a Spanish speaking territory?  There are millions of people living there that don’t speak English.  But why would they have to? 95% of all Puerto Ricans speak Spanish at home.  A registered nurse in Puerto Rico would be considered as an unskilled laborer.

Finally, the  Office of Inspector General (OIG) during an audit found that the agency was misapplying a rule that financially ads people who are illiterate or can’t speak English living in the United States.  In doing the audit, we find out that non English speaking illegal and legal aliens alike can collect money just because they don’t know the language. How do they expect to live?  I’m sure the answer is they found out about the rule from friends or relatives that have already began collecting benefits.  Could this account for the meteoric rise in people on disability?

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The SSA administration says that they are not equipped to say exactly how many Puerto Ricans are collecting based on their inability to speak English, but they have identified 218 who are receiving benefits.  They offered no estimates on how many immigrants both legal and illegal are collecting benefits because they can’t communicate.  I have an idea and it’s just crazy enough that it just might work.  If you can’t speak English stay the hell home.

The SSA has agreed to abide by the recommendations offered by the OIG.  They did not say how long it would take but in my estimation it should be fairly quick.  You just tell all agents handling the applications from Puerto Rico that language is not a disability.

Meanwhile, I would love to know how many illegals are collecting disability.

Courtesy of Red Statements.