J. Christian Adams, a former United States Department of Justice official in the Civil Rights Division, who resigned as a matter of conscience when Eric Holder refused to charge two Black Panthers armed with billy clubs and brass knuckles for voter intimidation, will be testifying and producing proof positive that illegals are  registering to vote while getting driver’s licenses under the Motor Voter Act:

“The bigger problem is that when they get those drivers licenses, there’s a government social services agency that is compelled under motor voter to offer voter registration.  For example, I’m representing a client — the American Civil Rights Union. We’re about to file a brief to the Supreme Court that shows actual voter registrations of people who on their voter registration forms that they’re not citizens, but they’re still getting registered to vote.

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The problem is that in liberal states, they try to make the illegal’s driver’s license so that it is easy to overlook.  A couple of states passed laws that required people to prove citizenship at the time they register to vote.  Obama and Holder blocked those laws claiming that it would prevent minorities from voting.  (Illegal aliens are still in the minority….but Obama isn’t through yet)

Five thousand illegals voted in Colorado in 2010.  They were able to ascertain this by comparing voter registrations to driver’s license records and jury duty forms that the recipients begged off from because they declared they were not citizens.  (Jury duty lists are taken from driver license registrations.

Adams added:

“[These will be] the actual voter registrations forms through motor voter.  The point is, because of motor voter in issuing these alien document cards, you’re going to have non-citizens moving on to the voter rolls. It’s inevitable,” said Adams noting, “The Justice Department protects the lawless, because there’s a political benefit to this administration to allow lawlessness to occur. Because if those people who lawlessly are on the voter rolls go to vote, there’s probably a 9 in 10 chance they’re voting for Democrats.”

So illegals are no longer undocumented democratic voters.

Courtesy of Red Statements.