It has always been my contention that the following paradigm would be adhered to with regard to the full establishment of the New World Order in conjunction with the planned demise of the United States:

  1. Pre-emptive removal of political dissident leadership and this is what underlies Jade Helm 15 drills at the moment.
  2. False flag attack(s) to justify the roll-out of martial law.
  3. The roll-out of martial law accompanied by UN gun confiscation forces. This would lead to resistance on the part of a portion of the population and by treaty, this would lead to the use of foreign troops, under the UN flag to carry out martial law.
  4. Once the country is firmly under martial law, the world would become embroiled in World War III which would be a war of political and economic revision and consolidation and the tenets of the New World Order would be at last, be fully realized.

Purpose of the Article

This article is about new information which clearly points in the direction of being able to identify the type of false flag event which will lead to implementation of martial law due to an economic collapse which is both devastating and contrived as mentioned in point number two of the globalist plan to unify the planet under their direct control.

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The fact that this emerging false flag event is surfacing in conjunction with Jade Helm 15 exercises is noteworthy because there is now a strong likelihood that we are going to see Jade Helm 15 go live.

LaPorte, Colorado

My friend and colleague, Paul Martin contacted me with urgent information on April 8, 2015. Paul Martin has firsthand knowledge related to members of Jade Helm 15 (i.e. U.S. Special Forces) who are recruiting young adults to “hack into banks”.

There is a similar report coming out of Central Arizona (Casa Grande) in which I received an email message that stated that “our son who is a computer genius was recruited to do some computer work for various banks”. After signing nondisclosure agreements, it turned out that “the computer work for the banks actually involved hacking into the banks” and that “our son backed away but was threatened with being charged as an accomplice in the aftermath” if the person did not do what they were told.

On the evening of April 8, 2015, Paul Martin also stated that similar reports are coming out of Baily, CO, Goliad, TX, and Bastrop, TX!

One such report, even from a trusted source who has been proven to possess high level sources, is little more than a rumor. However, when the report matches similar reports in terms of time frame and the coincidence of goals, the reports are deserving of a closer look. And when the alleged events are related to recently held drills, we should all be looking under our collective beds.

The U.S. Government, the UK, the Federal Reserve and the FDIC Have Rehearsed Similar Scenarios

The theft of the people’s money has already been rehearsed by the powers that be in the banking industry. Regulators from the United States and the United Kingdom got together in a war room to see how they would cope when the next big bank fails.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on November 10, 2014, ran a joint exercise simulating how they would prop up a large bank (e.g. Bank of America), with operations in both countries, that has landed itself in trouble. Also taking part in the “bank failure drill”, which included a cyber attack upon several banks, was Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and the heads of a large number of other regulators, in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

A False Flag Banking Cyber Attack Would Wipe Out Records of the Credit Swap Derivatives Debt

Interestingly, the November 10th drill, according to Reuters, represents a second measure would “force a change in derivative contracts, which in their current form protects investors (Editor’s Note: Yours and my bank account deposits) and complicate the winding down of a bank across borders”.

Credit swap derivatives were forced upon the central banks by the big boys in the banking industry at Basel. The elite bankers are counting on the fact that desperate economic times will lead to an economic collapse forcing nation states, on behalf of their crumbling central banks to go to war. Emerging from this devastating war would consist of a set of circumstances involving the wiping out of nation states and their economies and the elite would have the opportunity to create “order out of chaos” and they would subsequently unify the planet under one economic and political system once and for all.

The derivatives debt, for the United States alone is estimated to be about $1.3 quadrillion dollars. This is staggering considering the fact the entire GDP of the planet is only estimated to be about $69 trillion dollars. Derivatives in their present form will crush the central banks and bring about their downfall along with the death of their respective national economies. The bankers from Basel are counting on this demise. However, if the banking system could be collapsed to such a degree that many records are eviscerated, it would be difficult for the central banks such as the Federal Reserve to be held accountable for the entire derivatives debt owed by banks in their system (e.g. Wells Fargo, Bank of America). Also, if the central banks cannot rid themselves of the derivatives debt, they could at least manipulate the system to pay down the derivatives debt with “other people’s money (OPM)”. Other people’s money would include your bank account and my bank account which will be seized and used to pay down a sizable portion of the derivatives debt.

There is now a strong likelihood that the “hackers” being recruited are the manifestation of this drill. And before one can dismiss this as only a theory, it is important to look at what transpired at the recent G20 conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Your Bank Account Was Stolen by Stealth

As of November 16, 2014, your bank account has been collateralized against the derivatives debt. Hence, you had, in 2008, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and the Secretary of Treasury, Hank Paulson, telling a closed session of Congress that if they did not authorize the bailouts, there would be tanks in the street and ultimately, REVOLUTION! This was necessitated by the credit swap derivatives Ponzi scheme and the debacle that followed.

Further, the bankruptcy reform laws stemming from the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005, the credit swap derivatives counter-parties are given preference over all other creditors and customers of the bankrupt financial institution, including FDIC insured depositors. This is why the G20 effectively stole your money on the morning of November 16th! On this action taken by the G20 nations, your bank account is no longer considered to be money. The bankers holding the bag on the credit swap derivatives will move to the head of the FDIC compensation line. In other words, if the banks are collapsed, your money will be used to pay down the derivatives debt. Therefore, the regulations requiring that your money be insured by the FDIC are no longer in effect! This devaluation of money to something other than money gives what the experts call “super priority” in terms of the line of succession from which to collect bankruptcy monies.

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Subsequently, on the morning of November 16, 2014, the G20 fulfilled the mandates of a new investment program. This new program creates a whole new paradigm and set of rules whereby banks will no longer recognize your deposits as money.

Russell Napier is declaring November 16th as “the day money died,” and this constitutes today’s  Zero Hedge’s headline. According to Zero Hedge, Napier says the G-20 will announce “that bank deposits are just part of commercial banks’capital structure, and also that they are far from the most senior portion of that structure.” Pay close attention America because this means that following a bank failure, “a bank deposit is no longer money in the way a banknote is.”

I saw this coming over 18 months ago. This is why for the past 18 months I have been telling the nation to not deposit your paycheck into the bank. The prudent thing to do is to only put enough money in the bank to pay your basic bills and do other things with the remainder of the money, such as pay off your mortgage or pay off your car loans. If you have not been doing this, then you are almost out of time for the banksters have recently practiced how to steal your bank account.

TAKE THE MAJORITY OF YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK! But do not do so until you read my next article because you could go to jail if you make a mistake.

Connecting Dots

Jade Helm 15 is being run by Joint Special Operation Forces. the stories of Special Forces recruiting hackers to perpetrate cyber attacks upon the banks speaks to the fact that JH 15 is, in part, designed to collapse the banks, create an economic crisis from which martial law could be justified.

Back in October of 2013, FEMA and DHS conducted a pair of cyber attack drills upon the banks in a drill called “Quantum Dawn 2″.  More Than 1,000 Banks participated in the National Cyber-Attack Drill Oct. 16-17, Oct. 23-24, 2013.


My sources tell me that only 1-2% of the banks have to fail in this country in order to set off a domino effect of catastrophic economic effects. Therefore, the number of needed hackers needed to collapse the system is not a staggering number.

Among the first effects that would be experienced would be the transporting of our food supply which operates on a razor thin margin supported by “Just in Time” deliveries to grocery stores. Any disruption the ability to monetize the process of food transport could prove catastrophic. If this scenario resulted in food shortages and ensuing food riots, then surely, Jade Helm 15 would go live along with the martial law aspect of its mandate. In this light, Paul Martin’s report is completely believable and the longer you leave the bulk of your money in the bank, the greater the likelihood that you will lose everything you have worked for.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.