NJ voters will decide if State Senate President Stephen Sweeney will get to keep his job after he made promises last election on opposing gun restrictions.  During the election, he promised that he would not allow a ban on high capacity magazines and guns to reach the floor of the senate.  Immediately after the election, he allowed the bill on the floor and it passed.  Now his constituents want him out of office.  A defiant Sweeney told his detractors to, “Bring it on.”

Apparently, they plan to do just that.  Sweeney tried to use the excuse that he changed his mind after talking to parents from Sandy Hook.  Sweeney represents the counties of Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland.  All three are rural counties where they take their hunting and their gun rights seriously.  Sweeney normally wins the district by comfortable margins but since so many democrats are also hunters, it could spell disaster for Sweeney. Every switched vote is actually like two votes because it’s one less vote for Sweeney and one more for his republican opponent.

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Sweeney even now tries to play both ends, saying he’s for guns but he also believes in sensible controls.  The voters in his district have accused him of selling them out in order to gain favor from across the state should he ever decide to run for statewide or national office.

“Groups are free to express their position on guns, but if people are trying to intimidate me into changing my opinion on common-sense gun safety initiatives, good luck.”

“Bring it on. Let’s go.”

Does anyone remember Colorado?  You might want to explain that to Sweeney.

Courtesy of Red Statements.