Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood is being called the “New Joe Arpaio” for his refusal to abandon the people of his county to satisfy the ideological needs of a tyrant and a flower powered state official.  Gov. Moonbeam recently signed an executive order, telling law enforcement in the state that they cannot work with federal immigration officers to detain illegal aliens who commit crimes, making California a sanctuary state. Unfortunately for the head kook, Youngblood is not a state employee and cannot be forced to disobey federal law.

Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown called Sheriff Youngblood and asked what he was doing to him.  That didn’t sit well with Youngblood, who shot back with “What are you doing to me!!”  Youngblood is not just an oddity because he refuses to bow to the altar of Obama or the celestial presence that is Gov. Moonbeam, but he is also a republican in the reddest county in California.  (I didn’t know they had any either)

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Youngblood takes exception to the new rules Governor Brown has set down.  According to the order, no illegal can be detained unless they commit a major crime like refusing to eat vegan steak (Made from seaweed and tofu) or refusing to dress appropriately on “Gay Day”.  Let me move away from the subject for a moment.  Have you ever noticed that female crossdressers look rather distinguished in their suits and ties while males think the more absurd the better?  It’s misogynistic.

Youngblood is less than enamored with Obama’s policies, too.  Obama feels that an illegal immigrant has two “minor” criminal offenses should not be deported.  That makes Youngblood’s blood boil:

“You’re in this country illegally and we’re going to give you three bites of the apple? That’s three victims!  If you commit crimes, you oughta go.”

Sheriff Youngblood also refuses to sign letters necessary for illegal alien crime victims who need to apply for visas.  He is also the president of the Major County Sheriffs’ Assn., which is a national advocacy group that have asked the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to share data in order for the sheriffs to know which illegals can be detained.

Youngblood, on advice from lawyers has not refused to follow the Trust Act from Gov. Brown but he did say that if ICE called him and asked him to hold onto a dangerous illegal alien, he would do it in violation of the act.

We need more sheriffs like this one, but more importantly, we need to elect an American as president next time.

Courtesy of Red Statements.