Indiana Police are Covering Up Gay Cop’s Lover’s Death

Lou Colagiovanni | The Anti Media

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) is — at the moment of this writing — actively participating in a cover-up regarding the death of one of their officer’s gay lovers.

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The public details of the cover-up are nil, but this is what we know:

This is Officer Gregory Slaven who has been employed by the IMPD for many years.

Gregory Slaven

A story from 2008 describes how a suspect shot Slaven with his own taser weapon. Gregory Slaven’s longtime lover, Aaron D Barnes, was found dead on April 5, 2015 in the basement of Gregory Slaven’s home in the officer’s very own kinky sex dungeon complete with whips, chains, ball gags, butt plugs, prison bars, and even a coffin.

There are many images of Aaron Barnes and Gregory Slaven together over the years; they shared the same residence.Gregory Slaven with Aaron Barnes.

Aaron Barnes’ death has curiously NOT been reported by any local media outlets. No notices of Aaron Barnes’ death have been published in local publications and there has been no mention that an investigation is ongoing. In fact, the only way one would know that Barnes died is by calling The Marion County Coroner’s Office, who confirmed Barnes’ death. The coroner, not the IMPD, also confirmed that Barnes’ body was found in a home with an address in the 8600 block of Ingalls Lane. The home is listed as owned by Gregory A. Slaven.

The Facebook pages of Gregory Slaven and Aaron D. Barnes, who goes by Aaron Slaven, are both public with many lewd pictures showcasing their sex life together.  Slaven referred to Barnes as “Son,” and Barnes referred to Slaven as “Dad” multiple times.  A third party is also involved named “Steve Slaven” on Facebook, his name is actually Steven Lopez.  This is Gregory Slaven with Steven Lopez:

Gregory Slaven with Steven Lopez

Lopez and Barnes have shared public messages on Facebook where they both talk about their “Dad”, who is undoubtedly Gregory Slaven.

FB Posts Steven & Aaron

Barnes is dead. His death has received zero coverage. But how does Steven Lopez fit into this tale?  Where was he on the night of Barnes’ death?  If Aaron Barnes definitely lived in the same residence as Gregory Slaven and Steve Lopez says he wants to “go home” to Slaven, does that imply Lopez also officially lived there?

Where is the story in the media? Consider this. We live in a society that is driven by sensationalized news. Reporters are always looking for a story to tell. A police officer’s lover was found dead, and there wasn’t even a mention of his death? Why? All that would have to have been written was “Man found dead in private residence. Police are investigating.” Instead, there is nothing. Has this been an active prerogative of the IMPD to keep this story quiet? It is no secret that Indiana, with their recent religious freedom law, is not home to the most welcoming of individuals in regards to the LGBT community. Did those high up in the department decide that if this story came to light that it would be a black eye on their department?

Is there any evidence to show the IMPD asked local publications not to publish this information? No, there is not. The only evidence that exists is the lack of evidence in a news-driven world.  Where is the story?

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We do know, however, by Facebook statements found on Gregory Slaven’s Facebook page that an investigation is open in the death of Barnes. Gregory Slaven was forced to take a drug test against his will. He publicly mused that had he been straight the department would not have forced him to comply with such a test.

Gregory Slaven FB Post

Did the IMPD pay special favor to Officer Gregory Slaven because he is so open about his gay S&M lifestyle? It is public knowledge via Facebook that Slaven takes sexual pleasure in domination and authority while simultaneously wielding real authority with a license to shoot and kill citizens if he deems such action appropriate.

To make matters worse IMPD Chief Rick Hite appeared on CNN on April 9, 2015 to discuss, get this, POLICE TRANSPARENCY.  Could there be anything more egregious and narcissistic than Chief Hite’s department to be actively engaged in a cover-up, while nationally decrying that police departments need to be more transparent? The quotes from Hite’s CNN appearance would be comical if they were not so unfortunate and damning. Among his many quotes Hite said, “We have to have a fair and impartial police department. We have taken an oath to do it.” Hite went on to say, “I go around the community having town hall meetings trying to talk about issues before they happen so that when we do have these issues, we can have an open dialogue and walk away with some real truths.

It must be stated that here at Anti-Media, we do not care about the sexuality of private citizens. Consenting adults of legal age have a right to participate in whatever acts they deem appropriate, and without explanation. That freedom is part of being an American.

We do care, however, when a police department does not publish details of a death that would have been published under different circumstances.

Courtesy of The Anti Media.

Editor’s Note: D.C. Clothesline has no official stance on homosexual lifestyles, but The Bible and the Founders might have something to say about it. The big story here seems to be a cover up to potentially save some controversy and/or embarrassment for the IMPD. -Dean Garrison, Publisher/Editor, D.C. Clothesline