Because, you know, nothing really matters anyway and, of all things, symbolic gestures are the key factor in the presidency of the United States (not shadow government choices that are already made well before the fake election process every four years).

Via Twitchy:

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She’s not simply rooting for her mother, though; Chelsea told ELLE that the election of a woman as president is important for symbolic reasons:

… when you ask about the importance of having a woman president, absolutely it’s important, for, yes, symbolic reasons — symbols are important; it is important who and what we choose to elevate, and to celebrate. And one of our core values in this country is that we are the land of equal opportunity, but when equal hasn’t yet included gender, there is a fundamental challenge there that, I believe, having our first woman president — whenever that is— will help resolve.

So because she’s a woman, we must “elevate” and “celebrate” her…by making her president??? How… dumb.

And because it’s all just a dog and pony show anyway, other answers the Establishment would have accepted from Chelsea included, “Because that’s the call Bilderberg made back in 2008 when Hillary suddenly decided to hold her tongue on releasing all that devastating Obama info she had tucked away, and bide her time waiting her turn to kick America while it’s already dead,” or “Because she has a vagina,” (oh wait, she basically already said that) or simply, “Hillary…blah blah…because reasons.”

(read responses to Chelsea on Twitter at Twitchy)

In other news, Hillary’s camp plans to raise “an insane amount of money,” apparently from insane people who would pay it to see an insane person become president.

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