For the past three years I have been repeating the mantra that we would see the destruction of America coming in three waves:

1. A series of False Flag attacks on American soil.

2. The extraction of Red List dissidents.

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3. Resulting martial law coupled with foreign troop occupation.

4. Once the country is subjugated, we would be thrown into World War III.

Stunning new photos, just taken yesterday reveal that Jade Helm is not just about martial law.

The sheer size and scope of the Jade Helm extraction and martial law drills overrides every military function in the country. In other words, if something related to the military is transpiring, in one way or another, it has something to do with Jade Helm.  In this light, Jade Helm 15 has just taken a very dangerous turn which has very strong implications for every single American.

Soviet nuclear missles located inside of Cuba
Soviet nuclear missiles located inside of Cuba

Yesterday, I received an eyewitness account from talk show host, Benny Pope from West Texas. Mr. Pope shared with Paul Martin and ultimately myself, photos that made me understand how President Kennedy must have felt when he first gazed upon the pictures of nuclear bunker facilities during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

When I looked at the following pictures, I was so stunned that it took several minutes to compose myself for at that moment, I realized that my country is about to be invaded. Even as I write these words, I find it difficult to remain composed because I fear that every part of our lives could change in the blink of an eye.

Jade Helm’s Dangerous Twist

Forty five miles south of Lubbock, Texas, lies this “new” Air Force facility. It has seemingly appeared in the middle of nowhere almost overnight.


This Air Force facility is home to surface to air missiles which are pictured below. Ask yourself, why would a martial law drill (i.e. Jade Helm) need to include surface to air missiles located in the middle of a vast wasteland near Lubbock, Texas?

Surface to air missiles.
Surface to air missiles located 45 miles Southeast of Lubbock, Texas.

Paul Martin tells me that the Sheriff’s Deputies have been made aware of the presence of this site and one other possible site. It is important to keep in mind that Jade Helm 15 officials have already declared Texas to be a “hostile” state.

texas hostile state

The above photos clearly speak to the fact that the end game for Jade Helm 15 is not martial law, it is World War III and the United States military is preparing to be attacked. If you are shaken to the core, as I was, and you should be, you need to fully realize that these reports on Jade Helm are not an exercise in fanciful speculation. America is about to change forever and we are all in a great deal of danger. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

ISIS  base camp near El Paso.
ISIS base camp near El Paso.

People will no doubt ask the question: Who will attack us? Five days ago when Judicial Watch revealed the presence of an ISIS camp miles from El Paso, we should have all taken notice. ISIS will constitute the first wave of this Red Dawn scenario.

Can there be any doubt, we are going to be attacked after we are occupied by foreign troops?

Can Anyone Still Say That There Are No Foreign Troops Training on American Soil?

Of all the topics I write about, I have taken no more criticism on any single topic I have written about than I have from the normalcy bias crowd who steadfastly refuses to believe the following is true, despite overwhelming evidence.

2013 photo of Russian and American troops at Ft. Carson, Colorado.
This is a 2013 photo of Russian and American troops at Ft. Carson, Colorado.

I have maintained for three years that the United Nations would be the ultimate authority that would lock this country down under martial law. It is clear, for anyone who has the courage to see that the Russians will be a part of an international UN “Peacekeeping force” designed to put this country under a brutal martial law complete with gun confiscation under the UN Small Arms Treaty. Two weeks ago, I was criticized when I stated that Jade Helm would include Russians and their mission included gun confiscation.

At Ft. Carson, we are witnessing the insertion of 5th column Russian troops on our soil. The extra-constitutional “agreements”(that means illegal agreements) were inked in Washington, D.C., at the fourth annual meeting of the illegally created U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations.” This extra-governmental organization, formed under the Obama administration, is one of almost two dozen similar “working groups” bringing together top U.S. and Russian officials. These two bodies are cooperating on everything from the drug war and agriculture to terror, science, “rule of law” (could that be code for martial law?), health, environment, energy, nuclear issues, education, culture, media, business, arms control, and more, according to the U.S. State Department. The Senate has not ratified any of the international deals, as required by the Constitution of the United States. And as such, this is an illegal agreement. However, this is not just an illegal agreement, IT CONSTITUTES TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The agreement allowed Russian troops to enter our country.

This article will further validate this position and more. However, this is not an “I told you so” article. I weep for my country, for my fellow citizens and my family for I can clearly see what is coming.

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It Is Not Just the Russians Practicing to Subjugate America

Outside of Ft. Bragg, British paratroopers are seen practicing for their role in the subjugation of the United States.

From Martial Law Subjugation Directly to World War III

I have written extensively on how the North Pole will be the site of a major confrontation between the United States, her allies and the Russians. This scenario is part of World War III. Our military is training with foreign nations on American soil for World War III as evidenced by the following news release from Michigan.

A couple from N. Michigan sent me the following news release from their local media outlet which clearly shows that we are preparing for World War III and the following is about fighting the Russians at the North Pole.

Michigan National Guard Participating in Arctic Eagle Exercise This Weekend

Posted: Apr 17, 2015 12:22 PM

Updated: Apr 17, 2015 12:22 PM

“Members of the Michigan National Guard will be busy training in Northern Michigan this weekend.

The exercise called Arctic Eagle begins Saturday and runs through April 25 at Camp Grayling in Crawford County, Rockport State Recreation Area in Presque Isle County and in Mackinaw City.

They’re working on strategies to defend areas in the Arctic Circle.

Parts of Rockport State Recreation Area in Presque Isle and Alpena Counties will be temporarily closed down to the public.

Members of the Danish Military will join U.S. soldiers, Marines and others”.

Please remember that it is also the Michigan National Guard that will soon be headed to Guantanamo Bay to train in order to receive the first wave of American dissident leadership which will replace the terrorists from the detention site who are being unceremoniously released.  Please also note that the accompanying news release, from Michigan, makes mention of Camp Grayling which is the site of a large FEMA camp facility. One has to legitimately wonder if the Danish troops are being prepared to man FEMA camps on American soil given their presence at Camp Grayling.


un vehicles 2

The unfolding pattern is clear. We are going to be subjugated by foreign troops under the UN flag. After the coming purge, what is left of our country will be thrust into World War III. May God have mercy on us.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.