Harry Reid, the man who helped Barack Obama destroy the democratic party is now threatening to take over the Senate in order to force through Loretta Lynch’s confirmation to lead the Department of Injustice.  It is possible for him to pull it off.  If he gets enough of his tame RINOs to go along with him he can force the Senate to vote on her confirmation.  At this point it is not clear that he can garner the five republican votes he needs to do it.  Although he may have enough of them to vote for confirmation, they may not be willing to allow Reid to take over the Senate to do it.  None of the RINOs planning to vote for Lynch are clamoring for an immediate vote.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has said many times in the past month that he wants the Senate to complete the Human Trafficking bill before they vote on Lynch, but democrats are holding that bill up because in their lust for innocent blood, they are insisting that the government pay for abortions for illegal aliens.  This violates the decades old Hyde Amendment, which forbids government paid abortions.  So far republicans, even the RINOs, are not backing down on their demand that the abortion amendment be added to the bill.

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Harry Reid, who will be retiring after this term feels he has nothing to lose by his outlandish behavior.  If he is so interested in having illegal alien’s abortions paid for, I would suggest he divert some of his ill-gotten gains from a few of his shady land deals and pay for it himself.  American citizens can’t get their abortions paid for but liberals are quite willing to take money from those same citizens and spend it on abortions for those who should not even be here.

It’s doubtful that Reid even really cares if Lynch’s vote is next week or next month, as he is just trying to embarrass republicans over the vote.  For the record, the Senate has asked Lynch if she would investigate Hillary’s emails but she refuses to answer, which means it’s really a no.

Courtesy of Red Statements.