First , let me congratulate CNN for hiring the mentally challenged Martha Pease.  Not many news organizations (and I use the word lightly) would hire someone who’s brain is less than 10% functional.  But then again it could be a matter of economics.  When you count your listeners by the dozens it’s doubtful you could hire a real journalist.  The new election season is just beginning and CNN has thrown out the first propaganda.  This Pease person wrote what could be the most laughable headline ever, “Hillary Clinton’s Sneaky Brilliant Launch”, referring to Hillary’s escapades in Iowa.

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So what is so brilliant about getting caught setting up a spontaneous meeting with three liberals and trying to pass it off as a spontaneous talk with “ordinary folks?”  Or telling your audience about your four immigrant grandparents when a simple check of public records prove that’s a lie?  Or parking your van in a handicap spot so you don’t have to walk an additional 10 or 15 feet?  Or deciding to pass by a group of wheelchaired people waiting to see you?  Or failing to tip at Chipolte?  (That could have been a reaction to the memory of when she and Bill left the White House dead broke)

From Pease’s commentary:

While critics may sneer, it is hard to deny that the image it projects of Hillary is more confident, fresher, simpler and forward-looking, with even a bit of the upstart feel of two of the most successful product launch companies, Nike and Apple. Clinton’s team may have begun to create an empathetic relationship with voters that has eluded her in the past, most crucially when she lost the nomination fight to Barack Obama in 2008.

In marketing terms, rebranding is a strategy to bring a new name, term, symbol or design to an established brand with the aim of developing a new identity in the minds of consumers. Reframing is a strategy that goes further: it seeks to change how a consumer (or voter) emotionally experiences an established brand.

As I read this tripe I wondered what she would have written about major events of the past:

  • “England tries out new model of submarine, but it fails to live up to expectations.”  (Titanic)
  • “Dirigibles experiment with new landing technique.  Needs more work” (Hindenburg)
  •  “Major religion forced to cut labor force”  (Judas)
  • “Poles upset that German president ties up traffic on recent visit”  (Hitler)
  • “The sneaky brilliant new model car launch”  (Edsel)

Silly?  Yes.  Dishonest?  Of course.  But that’s what CNN has been relegated to.  Even MSNBC has seen the folly of their ways and have begun asking tough questions of liberals and their coverage of Hillary’s launch can be accurately called mocking.  (My sources tell me MSNBC is looking for a conservative for a primetime slot)

The launching of Hillary’s campaign is as much of a disaster as the hiring of Pease was.

Courtesy of Red Statements.