Republicans are about to make a huge mistake.  They are moving to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership fast track legislation favored by Obama.  Obama must be laughing his ass off at how easy it is to fool the morons in the Senate.  You see, there is a clause in the agreement with  AustraliaBrunei, Canada,Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam that allows those countries to send workers into this country at will, much like the agreement that’s causing so much havoc in the EU countries.  Basically it would open our borders up to unlimited immigration.

To make matters worse, and something the average citizen may not realize is that the treaty actually trumps US laws.  That means congress could not pass legislation stopping the inflow of these immigrants into this country even if both houses pass it unanimously and the president at the time signs it.  This would assure us that Obama’s open borders would continue to live on for possibly decades, with no way to halt it.  You really need to contact both of your Senators and find out how they plan to vote and if they are supporting the measure, you need to tell them to vote no.

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It would be a disaster to pass this fast track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Once passed, Obama can sign the treaty without oversight from the Senate and cannot be reversed at a later date.  It will provide millions of citizens of these member countries to enter the United States legally, where they can freely steal jobs of Americans because they are willing to work for much less money.  They would also give the companies that hire them from 3,000 to 5,000 dollars because they would not be eligible for Obamacare. Companies would save what it would cost them should they not provide medical coverage and furthermore, they would not count towards the magic number of 50 employees, the threshold for having to pay the Obamacare penalty.

Courtesy of Red Statements.