These are high resolution photos of the SAM missiles, that many say do not exist. These missiles are located 45 miles southeast of Lubbock, TX and were originally photographed by Travis Kuenstler.
These are high resolution photos of the SAM missiles, that many say do not exist. These missiles are located 45 miles southeast of Lubbock, TX and were originally photographed by Travis Kuenstler. This high resolution photo was taken by a local television crew.

Since I first published the photos of the SAM missile site 45 miles southeast of Lubbock, TX., I have received both confirmations and denials befitting membership into the Hall of Fame for Cognitive Dissonance.

The original photos of the missiles were taken by Travis Kuenstler. I have spoken to Travis on the phone multiple times since the pictures were taken. Travis is well known to talk show host Benny Pope who is also good friends with my colleague, Paul Martin. Despite these intimate connections, here is a small sample size that I have had to endure in the past 48 hours:

“I have searched high and low and there is nobody named Travis Kuenstler living in or around Lubbock, Texas. Your Travis does not exist and I researched this myself. You are making this up and are only trying to spread fear and disinformation. There are no missiles and there is no Travis… Shame on you Hodges for trying to scare Texas”….

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“The missiles that you have pictured have clearly been doctored”…

“These are not SAM missiles, they are only paper cut-out props used for mock targeting from the air by our F-16’s”…


What this experience has taught me is that some people are so brainwashed by network news, that they would not believe this to be  a true story unless they saw the words coming out of Wolf Blitzer’s mouth.

sheepI know the studies that tells us that 55% of our people cannot identify the Vice-President or that 65% cannot find England on a map. We in the Independent Media face a number of challenges in trying to alert our fellow countrymen as to the dangers faced by America. First, much of our country is programmed like sheep to believe everything CNN and Fox report. Second, much of our country has lost the ability to think critically. Most importantly, many of our fellow countrymen do not believe there could ever be such a thing as a “conspiracy”, as if it is impossible for two men to get together and plan something nefarious. Finally, many of our fellow citizens still believe everything they are told from their government. Sometimes I feel like I am one of the few voices trying to warn my town of the presence of alien spores which take us over when we sleep as we saw portrayed in the classic Sci-fi movie, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. We are indeed being taken over as we sleep.

Last night, I had a phone conversation about Jade Helm with the director of the Liberty Beacon, Roger Landry, and he asked me “Where the hell is everybody at? Where is the outrage”? Simple answer, most are hypnotized by the propaganda coming from the six corporations which own 98% of the media.


A Local Television Crew Visits the Site of the Lubbock SAM Missiles

At the insistence of locals like Travis Kuentsler and local radio talk show host, Benny Pope, a local television crew was convinced to visit the site of the missiles and we now have some very high resolution pictures and we also have one of the worst pieces of investigative reporting in modern history as investigative journalism can rest in peace.

On April 21, 2015, local TV reporter, Jason Puckett, from KMAC TV, visited the sight of the missiles in the middle of nowhere, 45 miles southeast of Lubbock, TX. Puckett began the report by stating “We get a lot of weird stories in the newsroom and a lot of times they seem like “conspiracies” (Editor’s Note: Everyone knows that there could never be a conspiracy).

Puckett and his TV crew found the missiles and promptly contacted the Air Force. An Air Force spokesman said that all is well and the “missiles were only being used for training purposes“. (Editor’s Note: I would like tell Mr. Puckett that ISIS has a series of hand held stinger missiles in the middle of nowhere, too, but it is OK, the hand held stinger missiles are only being used for training purposes. And just like we do with the Air Force, we should take their word for it). I think it is worth mentioning that KMAC, at the time of this report, had disabled the “share” function on this news report video. However, you can still view this stellar report by visiting this link.

Since Mr. Puckett dismisses any possibility of a conspiracy out of hand, one has to wonder why he would waste his time making this report. And of course, the Air Force would never lie to the people or the media, now would they? So further questioning of the official narrative would be impolite and a waste of time. My goodness, what would the conspiracy theorists have you believe? I bet the conspiracy theorists would have the public believe that these missiles are guarding against low flying suicide aircraft designed to crash into the nuclear plant at Pantex located near Amarillo? Oh my, what a conspiracy theory? But that is exactly why these missiles and others like them are located in a strategic perimeter around the plant and with the ISIS camp located eight miles from El Paso, the threat has increased exponentially.

The Locals Speak About the Dangers

The Pantex plant, located 17 miles from Amarillo, TX. is the only nuclear weapons assembly and decommission site located within the United States. The facility is tasked with maintaining the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. With regard to terrorists (i.e. ISIS), this would be a high value target. My insider sources are saying that one operational function of the pictured SAM missiles would be to provide an outer perimeter defense for the Pantex plant. A suicidal plane attack on this facility could have a devastating impact. I have been told that a ring of these SAM sites exist as well.

Jade Helm is scheduled to have several incursion exercises, consisting of Special Operations forces in both the area around areas between the plant and the known the SAM site as well as the ISIS camp. The implications are fairly clear. In this instance, Jade Helm is about interdicting small ground forces moving to destroy both the plant and the SAM site(s). The SAM site is critical because it could shoot down low flying planes approaching a critical facility such as the Pantex plant. The kind of low-flying planes that could be launched by an ISIS base camp located a few miles in Mexico near El Paso.

I received a communication from several people near the Pantex plant. Some of the people claim to have worked, or are working at the site. Here is a sample of their communications:


Dear Dave

I visit your website to get the latest every morning. When it comes to Pantex, you are right on the money, sir. Since I began to work at the plant, we were repeatedly told the plant would be the number two target in the West in case of a war wth the Russians.  Besides a direct nuclear strike, we were told about the possiblity of low flying suicide pilots which would crash their planes into the plant and try to trigger a nuclear response. We were also warned about a ground strike by commandos who would be dropped into the area.

Although it’s true that we began to move towards decomissioning the weapons in later years, there are sill large numbers of nuclear weapons at the plant in various stages of lethality. Please Dave, keep writing and forget the idiots who believe that Jade Helm 15 and the ISIS terrorists near El Paso, should be ignored. We are in some danger and Obama is doing nothing about it. 



I live in Amarillo as a matter of fact approx. 21 miles west of PANTEX.There has always been a great deal of concern about Pantex and the danger it could possibly pose to those of us who live here and they have ALWAYS been under very tight Security I know people who work there and they are under tight security as well and are not allowed to talk about ANYTHING that goes on there.

Unfortunately it would be an easy air attack if some group wanted to try as we have no military base here the nearest base is either Lubbock or Clovis New Mexico we are told that they could respond in as little as 2 minutes .What good does that do us, I haven’t a clue?….. 

 …I live in a small community 4 miles west of Amarillo it is a secluded gated community and we are surrounded by Large Hills, I might add my community consists of ALOT of RETIRED MILITARY… Outside the community is primarily Ranch Land. I was leaving for work, stopped at the stop sign looked to left and lo and behold there was a Military Truck you know the ones that have the Canopy Covers I believe they are transport trucks, I was kind of in shock as WE DO NOT SEE THEM HERE I sat for just a minute thinking I wonder if that may be a Russian truck as you all know we have heard the stories0 .I proceeded on out the gate and drove past all I could see was what appeared to be some foreign type tags and writing on it and yes it did appear to be Russian… I pulled back in my gated community and saw there were 2 men standing on the other side…I was a little more than shook and it is very difficult to get good pics when you are scared of not knowing what is going on and the mere fact that DHS can be called and you could just mysteriously disappear or get killed in a car crash on this highway and no one would ever think a thing about it. I called my daughter and told her as she is the only one in my family I have told . So for those who don’t believe: THEY ARE HERE, THEY ARE WAITING ON THEIR ORDERS !!!!!!! I have one more thing to tell a month ago our neighbors sold their house and LO AND BEHOLD he works for DEPT.HOMELAND SECURITY so yes the stories of them infiltrating in to our neighborhoods to spy and find out info is VERY TRUE . I have been observing strange military activity around here for a couple of years now as well as others who are AWAKE . Is all these sightings of foreign trucks, Homeland Security moving in our neighborhoods, all of the Military movement across the country and now JADE HELM 15 and Tx. Declared a HOSTILE STATE . Pure COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT! The Globalist and Elite are Very well aware that we have one of the strongest STATE CONSTITUTION ever written and we have governing our PROPERTY RIGHTS are very very strong not to mention the GUNS . They know it will be virtually impossible to DISARM US , so what is the next best solution, JADE HELM 15 AND PANTEX. WE ARE SO FAR DOWN RABBIT HOLE NOW CAN HARDLY SEE DAYLIGHT . In reference to the lady or gentleman who posted “glad my daughter moved out of Tx.” Unless you are one of ELITIST there is NO LONGER A SAFE PLACE TO GO IN THE WORLD” whether or not this JADE HELM is going HOT I don’t know,but I do know this is not a good feeling and there are without a doubt SINISTER THINGS HAPPENING AROUND US ALL . What can we do about it ? REMAINS A GOOD QUESTION DOESN’T IT?…Mr. Dave Hodges THANK YOU for all the work and writing you have done and continue to do .


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I stopped believing in coincidence theories along time ago. We have planned Jade Helm incursions in the vicinity of the Pantex plant. SAM missiles are being discovered in the middle of nowhere and Judicial Watch has uncovered the existence of an ISIS camp near El Paso.

I have concluded that Pantex may not become the location for a false flag attack. However, it most assuredly is on the list and all signs point to this as being a target of high interest.

Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.