For many years, companies have rewarded workers by giving them entry level managerial positions from which to move up in the company, while learning the skills needed to succeed within the company.  The position almost always comes with a nice pay increase. Obama plans to make it more so by raising the minimum wage for these jobs.  Currently, anyone in this lower management tier is eligible for overtime if they make less than $23,660 a year. ($11.38 an hour)

Liberals, eyeing 2016 and wanting to portray themselves as the protectors of the middle class have now decided the threshold should be more than doubled.  Officials at the Department of Labor want the amount to be raised to $51,000.  ($24.52 an hour)  A group of 26 democratic senators are asking Obama to raise it to $56,680. ($27.75 an hour)

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Let’s take the lower figure.  A man or a woman makes 50k a year and has to work 5 hours overtime one week.  At time and a half that would be $36.28 an hour or $181.40.  I can see this becoming a disaster for both employers and employees.  It will hurt employers because, naturally they can’t pay too much to an employee they are training for management.  Should that become the case, more employers will hire experienced people from other companies.  It would also hurt them because generally companies like training their own managers before they pick up bad habits from other companies they’ve worked for.

The employees themselves will be hurt because very few if any companies will be willing to pay out a large salary for someone that requires training.  When an employee receives one of these manager in training jobs, it usually means a nice raise in pay because it does often require some overtime.  I can remember when I first got one of those jobs.  I received a fifty dollar a week increase but I also had to open and close the shop, which required me to put in 5 hours of overtime every week.  Had someone told me I was being taken advantage of, I would have laughed in their face.  Within two years, I became the Night Operations Manager, making more money than I ever thought possible.

The example the democrats give is a donut shop manager who works 75 hours every week because he has to cover for people who don’t show up for work.  He makes 42k a year.  So, isn’t he entitled to overtime pay?  Maybe if I was a liberal, I would think so.  But since I’m not, my opinion is if he was a better manager and either told the employees to quit skipping so much work or find another job, he wouldn’t have to work so many hours.

Now, Obama wants to use a royal decree to raise the pay of millions, regardless of companies’ ability or willingness to pay it.  I don’t see any winners coming out of this unless it’s the liberals.

I had no trouble firing people and looking for someone who really wanted a job.  (I also had a plan when employees demanded more money.  I had a friend slip me a book of applications for Wendy’s.  I would hand them one and that would end it.  If someone deserved more money, they never had to ask)

Courtesy of Red Statements.