Vladimir Putin scored a major coup when Russia was able to buy a Canadian uranium mining company with holdings all across the world, including twenty percent of all uranium mined in the US. (That number could actually be as high as 50%) Because uranium is such a strategic element, the deal had to be approved by the State Department. Coincidentally (or not) the Clinton Foundation raked in 2.35 million dollars from the head of Uranium One.  There were also other contributions from other stake holders in the Canadian company.  The State Department head at the time was Hillary Clinton, but strangely the Clintons didn’t document the contributions despite an agreement with Obama that they would do so on all foreign contributions over $500,000.

The takeover gives Russia the title of largest owner of uranium in the world and a headline from the Russian state newspaper said,  “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World.”  Although this was published in 2013, the general public, in the United States, is just becoming aware of this.  The Obama administration also had to sign off on the deal in order to allow Russia to take over such a large portion of US strategic assets.

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Uranium One has holdings that stretch from Central Asia to the American West.  The acquisition of Uranium One in a series of three purchases from 2009 to 2013 made the Russian owned Rosatom one of the largest uranium consortium in the world and moved Vladimir Putin closer to his goal of cornering the world’s uranium supply.

This is reminiscent of Bill Clinton allowing Loral Corp in Lodi, NJ to transfer missile technology to China in the late 1990s. After leaving office, Clinton made millions speaking to Chinese groups, including $550,000 for one speech in Shanghai.    Bill Clinton, at this time, also delivered a speech in Moscow for half a million dollars for a bank with close ties to the Russian government.He also benefited through his close friendship with James Riady earlier in his term as president.  A former law partner of Hillary from the Rose Law Firm, Webb Hubbell, was about to turn state’s evidence against the Clintons until Riady stepped in with a contract for Hubbell that amounted to $250,000.  Other Clinton supporters also gave Hubbell no show jobs.  The total was $700,000 and Hubbell quit cooperating and went to prison.

Then Bill Clinton declared all coal mining in Utah to be off limits by declaring 1.7 million acres as a national monument.  Utah supplied a large portion of coal used in Asia, forcing them to find a new source.  The only source to be found was in Indonesia by a company that was owned by…….drum roll please….James Riady.  Funny how that worked out, huh?

Remember that Iran buys most of it’s uranium from Russia, so that uranium mined in the US could be used in an Iranian bomb attacks in Israel and the United States.

The millions the Clintons made on the uranium deal is just one more thing for the tamestream press to ignore.

Courtesy of Red Statements.