You may have been fooled by the fact that it appeared that Republicans had won control of the Senate.  But the truth is they did not take control of the Senate.  They ceded control to Harry Reid and his minions.  They did not cede their power and control for ideological reasons but because they are either cowards like Rob Portman of Ohio and Mitch McConnell of KY.  Others are pure RINOs who must be taken out of the Senate along with the cowards.  The RINOs believe if they make nice with the Democrats, the Democrats will like them.  This is the same reasoning behind Barack Obama’s foreign policy.  Both have been discredited.

How bad is it?  Consider this.  Since Republicans took control of the Senate, nothing has been passed in the Senate with less than 93% support of the Democrats with the exception of two meaningless votes.  Several times the two parties squared off against each other with no apparent common ground and each time , Democrats had things their way.  That is not to say that all the Republicans are gutless cowards like Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Mark Kirk, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Orin Hatch, Lindsay Graham and others .  We also have Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, Mike Lee and sometimes Rand Paul. (Depending on which way the wind is blowing)

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“Bitch” McConnell is taking bows and patting himself on the back because he is bringing things to the floor that Democrats will vote for.  The Democrats probably pray to Baal, or whoever the god of abortion is, to bless and keep these RINOs safe.  It relieves them of the pressure of actually winning an election.  I am not so worried that Obama has not accepted the fact that we won last election as I am that these faux Republicans don’t accept it.

Just this week, RINOs joined at the hip with the liberals in the other party confirmed Loretta Lynch, who I predict will be even worse than Eric Holder and also to kill the investigation into Obamacare fraud.

We need to evict these cowards.  The sooner the better.

Courtesy of Red Statements.