Oh, dear reader, how I love this.

The folks at Media Matters have long been a thorn in the sides of conservatives everywhere. For years the liberal media has pretended that Media Matters was some kind of objective media watchdog or think tank – when the truth was far seedier. Media Matters has always existed to spin, spin, spin liberal failures into victories and conservative comments into scandals. And they’ve done their job fairly well.

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So it’s nice when Media Matters steps into a trap of their own making. They recently chose to enter the Clinton scandalpalooza fray by defending the Clintons from accusations of corruption, bribery and criminality. The only problem is that these accusations didn’t come from conservative sources like Fox News, Drudge or Breitbart… they came from the New York Times and respected journalists like Peter Schweizer, Jo Becker and Mike McIntire. So when Media Matters went on the assault to defend the Clintons, the liberal media responded incredulously and finally unmasked Media Matters for what they truly are – Partisan Hacks who Lie to Cover for Democrat Failures.

Watch as Media Matters Gets Dismantled.




Alex Wagner: Jeremy, there’s also the question of Bill Clinton, independent of whether the Secretary was doing anything that favored Clinton Foundation donors. There are the actions and the speeches and the money taken by Bill Clinton personally. The Washington Post reports that Bill Clinton was paid $26 million in speech fees by companies and organizations that were also major donors. You know, what happens to Bill Clinton’s activities going forward? And I guess I wonder what you think happens to CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) between now and November of 2016?

Jeremy Peters: The Clinton campaign is certainly already taken some steps to try to get ahead of public relations problems like that, for example, Hillary resigned from the board. I think they’re going to have to be more transparent about the speaking fees because those questions are just going to keep on piling up.

What I wonder is if the Clinton message machine ever decides to kind of recalibrate and dial it back a little bit. Because right now, and this isn’t all coming from the Clinton camp itself but from the orbit around them where you have these people whose main goal is to misdirect and obfuscate every time there’s the slightest bit of criticism about the Clintons’ leadership.

Alex Wagner: Well, in their mind they’re not misinforming and obfuscating, they’re “clarifying.”

Joshua Green: I don’t think that’s true at all Alex. They know what they are doing.

Jeremy Peters: Exactly. They are definitely misdirecting here. I mean, this is what Media Matters exists to do.


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