Bill of Rights

The Supreme Court has overturned a decision from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, which ruled that Obama could force religious institutions and privately held religious companies to pay for contraception.  The Supreme Court did not agree to hear the case because it is “settled law” after their Hobby Lobby decision.  Therefore, they sent the case back to the 6th with instructions to reconsider the case based on the previous Supreme Court ruling.

Contraceptives are cheap and easy to obtain, whereas the constitution guarantees religious freedom.  But that wasn’t the point.  Obama and many other liberals like Hillary are trying to destroy the Christian churches in America in an effort to destroy the faith by forcing contraception, abortions and gay marriage down their throats.  In every dictatorship since the beginning of time, the first things they attack are religion and gun rights.

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The difference between Barry and God is that God doesn’t think He’s Barry.  I am reminded of some bathroom graffiti on a wall at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

“God is dead”  -Nietzsche

Just below it was a second piece of graffiti:

“Nietzsche is dead”  -God

Next public bathroom I hit will have “Barry is dead”  -God

Although the court issued no official ruling, it has far reaching consequences.  Whereas Obama’s liars for hire and the liberals in Washington have argued that the Hobby Lobby decision was narrow in scope, the court’s actions effectively say that religious freedom cannot be abridged by a penny-ante, two-bit dictator.

The other area the ruling could affect is the Christian owned bakery in Colorado that just lost a $135,000 judgement to a pair of gays who said that the bakery refusing to bake them a cake was “mental rape”.  This ruling could get all the civil and criminal rulings tossed out but the case will have to reach the Supreme Court for final decision.

Way to go, God.  I knew you could take him.

Courtesy of Red Statements.