jon cooper

Democrat Jon Cooper, a New York businessman and prolific fundraiser for the democratic party has quit as a member of “Hillstarters”, a group of fundraisers charged with bundling donations for Hillary, citing questions surrounding how the Clintons raised money from groups tied to the State Department while Hillary was Secretary of State.  This hurts. Cooper has a network of over 10,000 people he can call on to contribute to democratic candidates.

Cooper says that as he was drafting a letter asking for contributions for Hillary, he realized his heart wasn’t in it.  He said that he feels like Clinton and her handlers have not tried to explain why trading uranium for cash is just an innocent misunderstanding.  They attack the author of the book, Peter Schweizer because he is a conservative but somehow find it difficult to explain why accepting money from countries of questionable repute and rich businessmen in exchange for favors from the State Department under Hillary is nonsense. This is an old democratic ploy when their position is untenable.

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This may work as most democratic voters are simpletons.  But with people of average intelligence, it’s not going over so well.  First of all, Schweizer is an equal opportunity critic, who attacks crooked republicans as well as godless democrats.  He is now working on a book exposing Jeb Bush’s business dealings.  No doubt the left will embrace that book and praise his credibility.

Cooper is a two time bundler for Barack Obama and also for Andrew Cuomo,  so when you are too corrupt for him it’s like having Charlie Manson saying you are too violent.  Cooper, who is married to his longtime gay lover, is also disappointed on how long it took her to support gay marriage.

But let me be clear on one thing.  Cooper will jump back on the Hillary bandwagon if she wins the democratic nomination.  Liberal moral convictions have a shorter life than the fruit fly.

Courtesy of Red Statements.