(INTELLIHUB) — In the last three days the mainstream press has conducted a coordinated series of attacks on the alternative media over Jade Helm 2015 coverage.

From the Washington Post to Salon, establishment news outlets are doing everything they can to downplay the massive realistic training exercise and attack anyone who questions the military’s official reasons for the training.

“The attacks purposefully conflated questions or opinion pieces about what may happen during Jade Helm with the legitimate facts put forward in actual news pieces by the alternative media,” reported Alex Thomas.

Amid these attacks new information on the massive military buildup in this country continues to come in, this time in the form of photographs taken in Indiana that show a military convoy heading down the freeway.

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The photos, taken by a concerned citizen, show the convoy heading west on I-70 for reasons unknown.

military convoy

military convoy

military convoy

Another photo, also taken in Indiana, shows a white bus surrounded by military troops.


These photos only add further documentation to the widespread military buildup leading into Jade Helm 2015. From Big Springs, Texas to California, evidence of some sort of buildup is simply impossible to ignore.

“A massive buildup, a lot of movement and its undeniable at this point.”

Last week we reported on a massive convoy of military vehicles seen in California which were headed east away from the state.

military vehicles

“This new footage comes at a time when military movements throughout the country are being seen at previously unheard of levels. From dirty bomb simulations to Marine preparation for riots in America, something is definitely up.”

With attacks on alternative Jade Helm coverage coming from all angles, whether it be the White House, the mainstream media, or the military itself, providing independent coverage is more important than ever.

No one knows exactly what Jade Helm will bring (It is most likely a massive training exercise for future unrest) but the fact remains that the American people deserve honest, uncensored news coverage leading into it and the alternative media will continue to provide this valuable service.

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