Obama’s Park Department, the one he used to punish the American people during the budget showdown a few years ago, now stands accused of falsifying data in order to close down a profitable and harmless business for ideological reasons and no one has been fired or punished, which tells me Obama knew.

Drakes Bay Oyster Company had operated in Point Reyes, Ca for decades before the nightmare began. The area where they operated was declared a national park, not because it has any tourist value. (It doesn’t) It was so designated because they wanted to protect the shoreline. The oyster farm did no damage to the shoreline at all, but the Parks Department decided that they must go and went to some of the most outrageous behavior so vile, that it even surprises me. I don’t surprise easily when it comes to Obama’s corruption.

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Even though oyster farms had used this bay since 1935, the Parks Department blamed them for the sudden 80% drop in seal population. They decided they had to close the oyster farm down. Since they had no evidence, they had to manufacture some. They knew what they were doing was wrong. Reports by the U.S. Geological Survey and the California State Health Department  proved they were wrong, but they moved ahead anyway.

The Parks Department produced a study they claimed was proof that the oyster farm’s boat was harming the shoreline. But what they did was substitute a study done in Japan on the impact caused by boats using 70hp boats where the shoreline was fragile from years of abuse. The oyster farm only used boats with egg beater motors because anything larger would have damaged the oyster beds. And furthermore, the shoreline isn’t fragile.

In another alleged study, the Parks Department allegedly studied the impact of the boats’ engines, which as most of you know are just mere putt putt engines. This time they used a noise study based on a 700CC jet ski in the waters of New Jersey. There is no comparison between the two and the Parks Dept knew that.

The cost of litigation and conforming to new and unnecessary regulations imposed on the oyster farm, solely for the purpose of forcing them to close down, drove them out of business for good with no compensation. If the Parks Dept really thought they were a threat, they should have bought the business themselves and closed it down, but they chose instead to ruin them financially.

The Lunney’s who owned the Oyster farm recently testified about their experience before congress. Even though the republicans on the committee believed them and the democrats on the committee agreed they were railroaded and the Inspector general of the Parks Department testified that all evidence against the Lunneys was fabricated, the bottom line is no one can do a thing to help them by reining in the Parks Dept. My guess is Obama is backing them. The president of the little guy has his foot on their throat.

I shudder to think about the human suffering that will be revealed once this unholy regime is gone from the government.

Courtesy of Red Statements.