Thursday, Loretta Lynch replied to Republican Senators who asked her if she planned to move into Baltimore and overhaul the police department.  She told them she had not decided yet.  Lo and behold, less than 24 hours later, she announced that the DOJ will be investigating the Baltimore Police Department. (BPD)   In her announcement, she admitted that the BPD had already put some of her suggestions into practice.  The fact that she is going in for a full blown investigation means that she won’t settle for less than total capitulation and the bending of the BPD to her will.

It’s fairly obvious to even a casual observer that her answers to the Senate were disingenuous.  In other words, she lied.  As I said in yesterday’s article, she knew she was going in and the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake invited her in to fundamentally transform the BPD in much the same way Obama has transformed America.  Months ago, Obama admitted that he wanted to transform state and local police under conditions he set down himself.  His mini me, Al Sharpton, then hit the trail to also push for federal control of all police forces.  You can be assured that arrests and imprisonment will no longer be on a as needed basis but on a quota basis to make sure that no more than the percentage of blacks in prison will be no higher than their proportion of population.

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This will affect the black population the most, since most crimes committed are black on black.  Ditto murders.  I also expect greater tolerance for Muslims practicing Sharia law and the possibility that some of it may make it’s way into the American Juris Prudence system.  We really don’t have an idea just how bad this is or how far it will spread, but with Obama’s term winding down, the clock is ticking and they will be working around the clock to make it as widespread as they can, while trying to find ways to keep it from being reversed in 2017.

This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Courtesy of Red Statements.