(INTELLIHUB) — Over the last two months speculation about Jade Helm 2015 has reached a fevered pitch. Almost everyday new footage of some sort of military buildup across the country is released.

From military convoys at a closed Walmart, to an entire train full of Humvees, a build up is, without a doubt, happening. The only question that remains is why?

Now, yet another interesting video has surfaced, this time apparently showing empty M270 rocket launchers. (some have speculated that they could be converted into portable prison cells).

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Texas resident Scott Hoyt published the video which was taken on a back roadway near Wake Village, Texas. The equipment was spotted behind a barbed wire fence.

It is not 100% known if these are indeed M270 launchers but all evidence and research done so far seems to point to this.

Wikipedia details the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System:

The weapon can fire guided and unguided projectiles up to 42 km (26 mi). Firing ballistic missiles, such as the U.S. Army Tactical Missile System—ATACMS, it can hit targets 300 km (190 mi) away; the warhead in such shots reaches an altitude of about 50 km (164,000 ft). The M270 can be used in shoot-and-scoot tactics, firing its rockets rapidly, then moving away to avoid counter-battery fire.

MLRS was developed jointly by the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and France. It was developed from the older General Support Rocket System (GSRS).

The M270 MLRS weapons system is collectively known as the M270 MLRS Self-propelled Loader/Launcher (SPLL). The SPLL is composed of 3 primary subsystems: the M269 Loader Launcher Module (LLM), which also houses the electronic Fire Control System, is mated to the M993 Carrier Vehicle. The M993 is a derivative of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle chassis.

The rockets and ATACMS missiles are contained in interchangeable pods. Each pod contains six standard rockets or one guided ATACMS missile; the two types cannot be mixed. The LLM can hold two pods at a time, which are hand-loaded using an integrated winch system.

All twelve rockets or two ATACMS missiles can be fired in under a minute. One launcher firing twelve rockets can completely blanket one square kilometer with submunitions. For this reason, the MLRS is sometimes referred to as the “Grid Square Removal System” (metric maps are usually divided up into 1 km grids).[3] A typical MLRS cluster salvo consisted of three M270 vehicles each firing all 12 rockets.

With each rocket containing 644 M77 grenades, the entire salvo would drop 23,184 grenades in the target area. However, with a two percent dud rate, that would leave approximately 400 undetonated bombs scattered over the area that would endanger friendly troops and civilians.

It is currently unknown why the launchers are being stored and if they will eventually be filled. Most of the comments on the video agree that the footage shows the rocket launchers although a few have questioned this. A sampling of the comments include:

“MLRS, that’s what I did for my 4 yrs military service (13 mike). I was also part of the first ATCMS battalion 2/32 FA formed in Giessen Germany back in early 90′s. Instead of 12 rockets the launcher shoots 2 missiles. Steel rain.. If you want to destroy large areas fast, MLRS will do it..”

“Here in FtW Tx they got 18 new Winnebago motorhomes now all painted white F.E.M.A. painted on the side just equipped with huge satellite dishes! They showed up bout 4to5 wks ago. New maroon &black design as you see at the show lot. The gov bldg is now all ready for occupation,guard @ gate! Just puttin it out there!”

“M270 launchers, I was a crewmember on one of these in desert storm.”

“Not MRLS or M270 the photos show these are solid walled all around, while these are only three sides solid.”

“I just googled those there is no freakin reason those are not in a storage yard and out in the back side of of life this is very concerning there for rocket attacks on some 1 or some thing.”

Intellihub will continue to investigate the photos and are always interested to hear your viewpoints in the comments section below.

New photos reveal possible Jade Helm – Walmart smoking gun

Yesterday, in an exclusive report for Intellihub.com, Shepard Ambellas revealed shocking photos sent to the Intellihub news desk that seem to indicate that there is a connection between Walmart and Jade Helm after all.

“Pictures sent to Intellihub by a reader reveal that military Humvees are indeed being shipped to the recently closed Walmart store, via 18 wheeler, for possible future use.

The closed store(s) are possibly being used in the upcoming JADE HELM 15 exercise as speculated early on by conspiracy theorists.”



There is clearly a large-scale buildup happening throughout the country. While I still believe it is most likely a trial run for future unrest, new information continues to beg the question. Is a military martial law scenario on the horizon for the summer 2015?

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