Sandy Hook: Wolfgang Halbig Confronts Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy

wolfgang halbig
Wolfgang Halbig

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When Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy spoke at a press conference on the evening of the Sandy Hook incident he said something vague in a sense yet generated great interest in another sense. The interest shared by school safety expert, Wolfgang Halbig and others led to Mr. Halbig to ask the Governor to clarify what he meant. At the press conference, the Governor said, “The Lieutenant Governor and I have been…” at which time he paused at length. He continued, “…spoken to, in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state.”

Admittedly, there’s reason to suspect that the events of that day weren’t unexpected. Was it only a coincidence that where the Governor paused in mid-sentence was exactly where a single verb could have resulted in a much clearer statement? For instance, were he to have said, “…informed of…” or, “…advised that…” then there would be no question that the event was preplanned. But, after pausing to presumably tailor the completion of the sentence we’re left wondering, “Spoken to in what way; in what context?”

There’s no doubt the events that played out in the immediate aftermath at Sandy Hook left an indelible impression on Governor Malloy, as it has for many others. After all, the event was deemed so newsworthy as to garner news coverage that rivaled any American tragedy, before or since. So, it was somewhat unexpected when he later denied having made any such statement.

Wolfgang Halbig, accompanied by a camera crew from Caravan to Midnight visited the Governor’s office on April 22nd, just as the Governor was returning to the office. Mr. Halbig asked the Governor who, specifically was it that “spoke to” him about being prepared for such an event. Governor Malloy’s response was, “Nope. Not me.” So, Mr. Halbig attempted to remind him of his statement by saying, “You said, ‘someone told me and the Lieutenant Governor that something like this might happen.’” Again, Malloy denied he made the statement, saying, “No. I never said that.”

Stymied by this second denial, Mr. Halbig asked the Governor if upon being presented with a clip of the Governor making the statement, would he look at it. He replied, “I’ll look at it, sure.”

Only three weeks prior to the Sandy Hook event, Attorney General Eric Holder visited with Governor Malloy to jointly announce Project Longevity, an initiative to reduce gang and gun violence. Based on a model that was reported to be successful in some other US cities, the strategy was being implemented statewide for the first time in Connecticut. Although the initiative focuses on violent acts committed by gang members, the mere fact that a gun violence initiative of any kind was being first implemented statewide in the very state where the deadliest mass school shooting would occur only weeks later, is either an unbelievable coincidence or points to preplanning.

It seems unlikely, given that Project Longevity doesn’t focus on mass-casualty events or first-time offenders that it would have been the catalyst for Malloy being “spoken to” about an event like what happened at Sandy Hook. But Longevity does involve preparedness by facilitating inter-agency cooperation, and Attorney General Holder did state at the announcement that many of the crimes committed in Connecticut targeted children and young people. So, there are some vague parallels between Longevity and the Sandy Hook event, and the question of whether the meeting in November was the forum where Governor Malloy was “spoken to” remains unanswered.

The purported Sandy Hook event has impacted the entire nation, the subsequent ripple effect causing immeasurable harm to both children and adult American psyches. But, too many questions remain as the event narrative is cited in justifying numerous initiatives, becoming enmeshed in local, state and federal legislation. Please support Wolfgang Halbig, IMS and Caravan to Midnight and call for Governor Dannel Malloy to clarify his statement and for the authorities to comply with Mr. Halbig’s FOIA requests of documents the public has a right to see.

Some footage courtesy of Caravan to Midnight – John B. Wells…

Courtesy of Dr. James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog.

Dannel Malloy
Governor Dannel Malloy

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